Saturday, March 12, 2011

Missy is Three!

My little Missy girl is 3 years old today! Oh how time does fly. I cannot believe it's been three years.  She's just my most favorite little dog. So stubborn, so smart (she just disguises it with stupid, but I swear she knows exactly what she's doing), so hilarious and so, so loving. She is at my side every second that I'm home and loyally follows me from room to room. She is just the best little companion.  She is my Missy Moo...

I got her this new Kong toy (Tugger Knot) and gave it to her while Ted was outside. She LOVED it!  Until Ted came in and stole it.  But, I have a feeling she'll get it back soon enough, she's a tough one when she wants to be! She also might be getting a new collar. I've "misplaced" hers and cannot find it for the life of me (how do you lose a dog collar?!) Oh well it was time for an upgrade anyway. A girls gotta look good!

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