Friday, December 2, 2011

David is One Month Old

Hooray! We made it a whole month! Look at us go! 

It's hard to believe that a whole month has already passed us by.  The days are absolutely flying!  People keep asking if we've developed a "routine" yet and I can't help but laugh. There is no such thing as a routine with a newborn I've found out.  I've tried, oh yes, I've tried but he kind of runs the show around here right now. Just when we feel like we've figured it out, he throws us a curve ball. Always keeping it interesting, that David!

3 weeks

He spent most of the first two and a half weeks of his little life asleep. He would sleep for hours if we let him, but we were instructed to wake him to eat every 3 hours, so we did.  And boy does he like to eat!!  He will throw an absolute fit when he's hungry but once we sit down and put on his bib he knows food is on the way and is happy as a clam the whole time he's eating.  The past week and a half he's been awake a LOT more.  Mostly at night.  Of course, right?  I don't really think he's got his days and nights totally mixed up, but he seems to wake up on his own more often at night than during the day.  We'll have good nights were he sleeps for 3 hours at a time, then other nights where he's up on the hour, every hour.  I'm having a hard time believing he'll EVER sleep longer than three hours, really. But at the same time, no matter how tired I am or what crazy hour of the night it is, I am soaking up every single moment of cuddle time I can get right now, because that won't last forever and I love it so much.

4 Weeks

I'd love to report all of his "developmental milestones" but honestly, I have no idea what I'm supposed to be watching for (book suggestions welcome!).  He's really good at tummy time and has awesome head control already (we think anyway) but he's also extremely wiggly. The pediatrician said we need to be careful with him because he's so strong and so reflexive right now.  She asked if I felt him move a ton when I was pregnant and was totally shocked when I told her I hardly felt him move at all. I guess he was saving up all his energy!  He can already wiggle his way around his crib, so because of this he quickly outgrew his cradle. He still sleeps in his pack-n-play in our room at night though.  He loves looking at the big windows in the living room, the lights in the kitchen and his blue curtains in his bedroom.  He loves being read to most of the time and is a big fan of his George Winston "December" CD of piano solos that we listen to over, and over, and over again every single night when we rock him to sleep. Overall he seems fairly happy and content but definitely has is majorly fussy moments.  He is a baby afterall :)

As for me? I'm doing alright.  This "mom" business is hard. I feel like I do nothing all day, but at the same time I feel incredibly busy. It's very strange.  I've had a really great recovery though. Despite the PUPP's (which is now mostly gone, thank God!) I have felt back to normal since about the first week!  I am so thankful that I healed so fast! I've lost two-thirds of my pregnancy weight so far and have just started going back to the gym. Oh wow, I've missed that. It felt SO good to put on my headphones, crank up the music and really push myself again.  I hope to drop the rest of the weight fairly quickly. I hardly have time to snack like I used to, so that should help.  I've also quickly realized the importance of getting out of the house every so often by myself. I feel really guilty doing it, but both Zach and I realize I need that time to get dressed, do my hair, get out amongst adults and feel normal for a while.  I am very grateful that Zach is able to look after David while I do that.  Sometime soon we are going to have my parents watch David while Zach and I go out Christmas shopping and to dinner. I'm excited and nervous at the same time!  We need to do it though.

So yeah. One month down! We are so in love with the little guy and can't wait to see what the next month has in store!

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Miss Emily K. said...

That's great that you, baby and dad are doing well.... can't believe it's already been a month since you posted that he was here!!

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