Friday, December 30, 2011

First Christmas

We were so excited to celebrate Christmas for the first time with David!  

The night before Christmas Eve was a rough one though.  The poor dude only slept 2 hours because he kept waking himself up.  We were both exhausted. Luckily on Christmas Eve I thought to bust out the swaddle again (he hated being swaddled for a long time so we gave up). It worked!  He was well rested for all the festivities!
 Christmas Eve was celebrated at my aunt and uncles house.  This was the first Christmas Eve that hasn't been at my Grandma's house so it was a little strange for all of us I think.  We had a nice time anyway. David got to debut his first "big boy" outfit! We found the cutest herringbone pants and red sweater and even though he only wore the sweater for a little bit, it was so dang cute! David was awake for a good portion of the evening and then zonked out for a short nap before becoming Mr. Fussypants before church. We weren't sure if we were going to make it to mass, but luckily he fell asleep in the car and slept all the way though church!

Yes, his hands really ARE that big. You should see the feet on this kid too!

That night David gave us the gift of sleep!  Sleeping his first 5 hour stretch!  Ahh sweet, sweet sleep... He must have known he has to sleep for Santa to come!  I celebrated by falling down the stairs in the morning. Luckily I wasn't carrying the baby, but it was quite the spill. My back still hurts! Christmas morning we packed up for the day and headed over to my parents house for breakfast and gifts. He took a good nap and let us eat breakfast and then hung out under the tree while we opened gifts for a little, but soon got fussy and Grandpa had to take over! Something tells me he didn't mind though!

After my parents house we headed over to my Grandpa's house. This was the first time David was introduced to my dad's side of the family and boy howdy, are there a lot of people to meet!!!  I was really nervous about him being passed around with all the germies that usually come with a zillion grand-kids running around, but lucky for us he slept in his car seat the whole time! Everyone got to see him but from a "mom approved" distance :)  Finally we were all totally worn out so we headed back home to open our gifts and crash out for the night.  David slept for seven straight hours that night! He must have been exhausted.  He hasn't slept that long again since, but we are hoping for more to come soon!

Next up we head to my friend Kristy's for New Years Eve. We won't be staying long, but it will be nice to get out and do something. We haven't celebrated NYE in years!

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