Thursday, February 2, 2012

David is 3 Months Old

Well, here we are at 3 months old.  The "experts" say that this signifies the end of the "fourth trimester", meaning that babies really don't feel comfortable out in this big ol' world until then.  I will say that things seem completely different than they did just a month ago.  He's really getting into a somewhat predictable routine. I know he gets tired around 8-9, wakes up a couple times a night, takes a short morning nap, LONG afternoon nap and can get a bit fussy in the evenings.  I also know how to make him smile and exactly how he prefers to be held (up on my shoulder, walking around. No sitting, thankyouverymuch).

He's started really enjoying his playmat.  He lays there and just bats at all his toys while chatting away. Sometimes I think he's trying to roll over, but I still think we have quite a while before that actually happens. Instead he scoots himself around in a circle, which is funny!  He can hold on to toys when I put them in his hand, and can grab them when they are in his lap. He's also just now starting to try to put everything in his mouth and drooling a bit, making me think some teeth might be on their way.

He's growing like a weed. Seemingly overnight all his 0-3 month clothes no longer fit.  I never thought I'd be the type to get all sad about my "baby growing up" but I will admit I got a bit choked up as I folded all his little sleepers and put them in a box. He's getting so big, so fast. His head control is getting better everyday too. I got out his Bumbo seat and he sits in that for a few minutes every couple days. I think he really likes sitting up like a big boy and looking around.  On the bummer side of things, he's officially grown out of his Miracle Blanket.  So, swaddling has become much more of a challenge. I have a sleep sack with wings that I can swaddle him with, but if he really tries, he can get his arms out.  I've tried to let him sleep with his arms out, but it is a disaster. He wants to suck his fingers but just doesn't quite have that down yet and knocks his binky out in the process, which just leads to screaming and a very sleepless night.  I know I need to just let him figure it out on his own, but I'm really hoping to hold off on that for a few more weeks... We'll see.  He was sleeping really nice 6-7 hour stretches, but the last week or so we've been back down to 3-4 hour stretches.  Sigh. Oh well, he's still little, I'll take what I can get right now.  **I wrote this post out yesterday. Last night David slept through the night for the very first time! Almost 10 full hours! Let's hope this is a new trend!**

Last week I took him to visit all my co-workers at Hallmark. He did so well! He got to meet everyone and did so well with everyone getting all up in his face. He met more people that day than he had in his whole life combined! It was so nice to see everyone though. I was even able to grab lunch in the Crown Room with some friends. I will say giving him a bottle in the middle of the cafeteria was a bit surreal though! Later today we are going to visit Zach at his work. Hopefully he does well there too.

A lot of people ask me how the dogs are doing with the baby and they are doing great! Missy is at our side 99% of the time (unless I'm trying to rock him to sleep, then she goes downstairs and barks. Every. Time.) She frequently goes and gets her toys and brings them to David. She wants him to play with her so bad! Soon enough... Ted sniffs him a lot and has started laying down next to us when we are on the floor, but still mostly prefers to spend his days sleeping on our bed or chasing squirrels outside. David is just starting to watch the dogs, but hasn't really reacted to them much more than that.

Till next month.... 

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