Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Me Me Me Me!

Since David's big 4 month update is just around the corner and I don't want to bog it down with all the boring stuff about me, I thought I'd just write a separate post. Feel free to skip if if you are upset it's not about cute baby goodness.

Well, I go back to work in pretty much one month. One teeny little month. For a long while I could not wait to go back to work, but now that David is getting to be super fun and I'm falling into a nice little routine, I am dreading it. I can't even think about dropping him off at daycare.  I got out all the paperwork to fill out today and I couldn't even do it. Blah. I'll come around. I hope.

I've started applying for new jobs at work. Finishing my resume and whatnot was not what I wanted to be doing last week, but it pretty much took up all my spare minutes. But, it's done now and I think it's pretty dandy and there are a few really nice jobs that I wouldn't mind having at all. Now, lets just hope I get one of them. I mean they have to give me something, but what that might be if I'm not proactive scares me. So yeah. applying for jobs. Yay.

Here's a picture of me.

Sadly, this is not a recent picture. This is me in November, 2009. Ah, the good ol' days. However, I have finally kicked myself in the rear and am back on the "eating right and working out" diet train. I'm pretty excited about it too. I'm trying some new foods (Quinoa? YUM!) and really watching portion control. I'm trying to eat more vegetables not only because they are good for me, but because I'm going to start feeding David all sorts of veggies soon and I think it's only fair I eat as well as he does to set a good example. The only hard part is the snacking. It's hard having my pantry right there, all the time, but I've just got to be strong. Now the working out? That's where I keep getting stuck. The only time I have to work out is at night after David goes to bed. His naps are all over the place right now so trying to sneak one in during the day is a no-go and he wakes up too early to do it in the morning. Sometimes I struggle with being too tired at night to make myself go down and use the treadmill (like tonight...) but I know I just need to get in the routine of doing so and it will get easier. Going to the gym is super tough with Zach's schedule. Basically there's only one day a week that I can go and usually that day we have stuff going on. I miss the gym SO MUCH. Trying to do a home workout that compares to a gym workout is really hard. I'm hoping I figure it out soon... So that picture is my goal. I have my brothers wedding in June (hello strapless bridesmaid dress!) and a bachlorette party at the lake prior to that, so yeah.. I'm on it.  Also, I miss my tan. A lot. Sigh.

Emotionally I'm feeling good. I won't lie, I think I struggled with a wee bit of the baby blues early on. Nothing I needed "help" for, but I would just get sudden bouts of anxiety and then get upset and woefull every so often. Luckily, it would generally pass very quickly after a pep talk from Zach and usually only happened in the evening because I just never knew what the night would bring, but I have read that's all very normal.  I would say I'm not nearly as worried when it comes to night now so I have really mellowed out.  Although check back when sleep training starts...

I have self-diagnosed myself with Quervain's Tendinitis and lord have mercy, it sucks.  Basically my tendons in my wrists, attached my thumbs are all kinds of messed up. Apparently this is common after pregnancy.  My wrist will completely lock up and I have to actually shake it to "pop" it back in place. It is crazy painful! Generally this happens in the middle of the night when I'm sleeping. Super fun!! I have tried a brace and some Aleve, but it's really hit or miss on if it helps. If it's not better soon I might have to go get some cortisone shots and I really would prefer not to do that. Although the heavier David gets, the more it's hurting.

Zach is doing well. He loves, loves, loves being a Dad and David just loves him right back. All he has to do is walk in the room and that baby smiles like there's no tomorrow. He willingly changes diapers, plays with him, "airplanes" him around the house, makes goofy faces and assists me with all cleaning and bottle washing and thousand other house projects we have to get done. He is still finishing up school and will be done in May!!! Hooray!!  Although his work schedule will still be wacky, he'll be able to stay home with David two days a week. That will be so awesome for both of them and our budget!

So how am I enjoying this mom thing? Quite a bit actually!!  I still can't believe I have a baby. A baby who is turning into a KID right before my eyes.  I haven't felt too overwhelmed with getting everything done, like people tend to go on and on about. I just am careful to make use of every second of my day. It's really made me a much more efficient person (perhaps I should add that to my resume!? ha!) The Mommy stuff is pretty fun actually. I love how much I know him and how I can tell what his cries me and how we just seem to have this awesome little bond. When I step back and think about it it's really overwhelming how much I love him and would do anything for him.  He is so cute, and so perfect. I love watching him learn and I love helping him learn even more. He might only be 16 weeks old, but he has turned our lives upside down and everything we do is now for him and we don't mind, not one single bit!

Holy cow. That was long. Please, go have yourself a cookie if you read all that.  :-)

And here's a cute baby picture to hold you over...

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