Saturday, August 4, 2012

David is Nine Months Old!

Nine months old. Another month down. 

I’m having a hard time getting my thoughts together for this month. It seems like it went by so fast. Perhaps we’ll do a bullet list this month?
  •  He has 4 teeth! The top ones came in a couple weeks ago. He looks so much like a little kid now.  There are two more on top that I can see making their way through too.
  • Went swimming for the first time. He seemed to like it, but didn’t really do much to show that excitement. Or fear. We couldn’t tell. He remained stone-faced nearly the entire time we were there. Something tells me his personality might lean a little more towards my side.  
  • Cries when I leave the room unless he is distracted.
  • Thinks the dogs are hilarious. He will sit there and randomly laugh his behind off at them for no reason whatsoever.
  • Apparently he crawls at daycare. Hasn’t even budged at home. Little stinker!
  • Cruised along the couch the other night. Very, very wobbly and slow cruising, but cruising none the less.
  • His hair is getting lighter and lighter. I actually think it’s growing in blonde, but the ends are still brown. I have a feeling he’ll be a full-on blonde by next summer. So weird!
  •   Loves to go shopping and sit in the cart or stroller. 
  • Says “Mama” and “Dada” a lot. Jury still out on if he truly knows that’s who we are. Also babbles a lot more recently. He really means what he says too.
  • Definitely knows his name.
  • Still adores his jumper. I will cry when he’s too heavy for it. He’s almost there.
  • Had his first overnight at Grandma and Grandpas. He slept all night and had pancakes for breakfast. Zach and I went on a REAL date, stayed out past 7pm and I got to sleep in. Amazing!
  • Is a bookworm but prefers to hold the book himself, which makes actually reading the book to him a bit of a challenge. 
  • Loves, loves, loves puffs and cheerios.  Gobbles them up and cries when I put the container away.
  •  Has started to form definite opinions. Especially around eating. He wants to hold the spoon but refuses to pick food up off his tray (except those puffs of course).
  • Continues to think blowing raspberries is the most fun thing ever. Even more fun with a mouth full of oatmeal!  
  • Sleeps at night from 7:30 till 6am pretty consistently. Still takes 3 naps but we are working hard to nix that early morning nap.
Another thing? Him and the cat? Best friends for life. It is so strange to us. George has pretty much remained in hiding since we got the dogs (sad but true). However, since David has started sitting up and playing with toys, George has made his grand reappearance. If David is on the floor, that cat is right next to him. We shoo him off, but he just comes right back. David can kick him, pull his fur, wrench his head and hit him with toys and the cat doesn’t even flinch. Nothing. Just sits there.  While this is great, we still keep a very close watch on those two.  Our house is a circus, that’s for sure.

It’s been unbelievably hot this summer so we really haven’t been able to do anything we wanted to outside yet. I actually think we went on  more walks during the dead of winter than we have this summer. So sad. I’m hoping this means we will get a mild Fall. Fingers crossed! We are starting to get cabin fever over here!  But we have fun playing on the floor anyway.

Up next, 10 months! Then I can say he's "almost one". That's insane. 

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Erin said...

Language development researcher here: He almost certainly knows that you are "mama" and Zach is "dada." Kids match those words to the appropriate people as young as 5 months. He might say them other times, but that's just because they're fun to say!

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