Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ear Tubes

The ear tubes are in!

Monday's surgery went very well. We got up at the crack of dawn to drive out there for our 6:30am appointment. It would figure that the ENT recommended most to us is clear across town, but that's how it goes with everything when you live in Greenwood, I suppose. We spent a fair amount of time waiting in the pre-op room, but David kept himself pretty well entertained bouncing back and forth on the bed. A few doctors came in to talk to us and then a couple nurses took him away and told us to wait in the waiting room....
I didn't even have enough time to get upset before the doctor came through the door to tell us everything went great. Seriously, we were sitting there maybe 15 minutes. They only used gas to put him under during the procedure so he was awake and ready for us pretty quick. He definitely wasn't happy and was probably confused about where the heck he was and what just happened, but we were just thrilled that all was well.

By 8:00am we were on our way home!
The morning was understandably a little moody, but by the afternoon he seemed perfectly happy and healthy. Tuesday he was literally a ball of joy. That kid was HAPPY!!  The daycare ladies even commented on how much they had been missing his goofy smiles. He's clearly feeling much, much better. Still not too into those bottles and we think he's just weaning himself, but it's a little early for that so we are sneaking them in as much as we can.
He's all over the place, talking up a storm, laughing and just being plain adorable.  We couldn't ask for more!  Let's just all hope they do their job and we are done with the constant doctor appointments, for just a little bit anyway. His follow up is in 2 weeks... 

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