Tuesday, October 2, 2012

David is Eleven Months Old!

Today, David is 11 months old.  Eeeeelllllevvvven mooooonths! How did this happen?!

I’ve been having a lot of mixed emotions about his first year coming to a close.  Those first few months are tough and then it gets easier and then it gets really fun and then all of a sudden you find yourself thinking “where in the world did my baby go?!”  I just don’t even know what to do with myself.

This past month has been a little rough for us.  First he had the ear tubes, which thankfully went pretty well.  Then the next week, he got a bug. His temp got all the way up to 104.5 at one point and we suffered through three days of misery and woe.  Then just yesterday he was sent home because he had two leaky diapers and was told he had to stay home today too (which we are kind of giving the side eye to. I mean for real, he’s totally fine.  He’s perfectly happy and content, so we aren’t sure what’s going on there. We are on the BRAT diet and will slowly add back in other foods because I’m worried it might be something he’s eating.)  We’ve only had one week where he went to daycare all 5 days and really it was only 4.5 because we had a doctor checkup in the middle of it.  So yeah, it’s been a little crazy around here.  Parenthood definitely teaches you all about being flexible, that’s for sure. And working at home with a 10 month old? Exhausting.
DESPITE ALL THAT NONSENSE we have been having a pretty good time around these parts!

He had his first haircut. I realllly didn’t want to get his hair cut. At all. But, it was in his eyes and I promised myself I wouldn’t be “that mom” who doesn’t cut their kids hair when it needs to be cut. So, off to my hair girl we went. He didn’t cry or fuss of anything. We didn’t get much chopped off, but it was enough to make him look like a big kid.  It’s growing back though. A little more evenly too!  The back and one side (just one side) are super curly. I’m sure once it really grows in he’ll have quite the mop of hair. It’s adorable!
He’s finally drinking his bottles like normal again.  Just in time to start thinking about weaning him off. Figures!

He’s cruising around like a pro these days.  He can pretty much walk himself around anywhere in the house.  The past few days he’s been letting go and standing on his own for several seconds at a time too.  Sometimes if I go up to him and put my arms out he’ll grab on to my hand and take a couple steps toward me and a time or two he’s even stepped (lunged) without support! I’m not counting it as walking yet, but I think we are veeeeery close.  I’m such a proud mama. 
He’s still a total string bean.  Mostly he has a long torso.  He wears 18 month shirts and pajamas but 12 month pants.  It would figure because a while back I went crazy at a consignment sale and bought an s-ton of 18 month pants. They are way too huge on him. So I had to go buy a bunch of 12 month stuff.  Hopefully the 18 month stuff fits before next summer. I just might have to get him some suspenders! Ha!

We’ve been getting out and about quite a bit lately.  He loves to go shopping with me and is happy as a clam in his stroller or the shopping cart.  We’ve taken him out to eat just a couple times. He seems to like it but gets antsy once all his food is gone, so we don’t like to do it too often.  We took him to Oktoberfest in Downtown Lee’s Summit last week. There was so much for him to see and I can’t wait for next year when he’ll be able to do some of the little kid activities. We like going to the park and sliding down the slides and swinging. We got him a little swing and hung it out back and he just loves it.
Other stuff:  Up to 8 teeth now with more definitely on the way.  Says "doggy" or in David language: "goo-ga-tee", lives for bananas, hates being in the grass (gets that one from me), shakes his head when he knows he's not supposed to do something, points at everything, and prefers to hold toys in his hands when he crawls (rings, blocks, balls, whatever. just always has to take something with him). Still hasn't chosen a "lovie" or security blanket.
I’ve been busy planning his first birthday party (mostly in my head at this point although I do have a little secret stash of stuff I’ve been gradually buying).  We are just keeping it very small this year.  I’ve never quite understood the giant first birthday party thing.  We’ll be having a little pizza party with cake and ice cream at the house.  Even though it’s going to be small I’m really excited about making a few decorations and his smash cake. It will be so fun!

A year old in one month. I honestly cannot believe it. 


Miss Emily K. said...

He's so cute Stephanie! I remember finding your blog when you had just found out you were pregnant for him. It's been neat to see him grow through the pictures!

Victoria Stevens said...

He is lovely. I worked as a manager in a day nursery. Its frustrating they send him home when he has 2 leaky nappies, as it could be just teething. But if they think its diorhea nursery policy is stay at home foe 48 hours which is a pain, but people get scared of diorhea spreading round the nursery. Its training the staff about the different types of pooh.

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