Monday, October 22, 2012

Hot Dog!

This video is pretty much a whole lot of nothing.

But I can't stop watching it.

On the weekends, mornings come pretty early around these parts. After Davids bottle and a quick check of the news, I sometimes turn on the Disney Channel for some background noise before starting breakfast and our day. David usually doesn't stop to pay much attention to it, but sometimes a song catches his interest.

This past Sunday the famous "Hotdog Dance" grabbed his attention:

You can't really tell, but David is totally dancing his tail off to that song. Complete with booty shaking, a killer split, some paper crunching and what appears to be a rather dignified bow at the end. (Also? That part where he bends down and picks up the paper? Apparently that's a big milestone. Nailed it!)

I'm sure in a few months I'll look at this and think "and you thought THAT was dancing?!" but for now, I'm obsessed. My little baby is a baby no more.

Hello toddlerhood!

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