Tuesday, October 9, 2012

To The Punkin' Patch!

As like most new moms, I was very excited to take David to the pumpkin patch for the first time. I'm a BIG Halloween fan, so I've been looking forward to this for quite some time. Our fall is mostly consumed with Zach's football schedule so this past Saturday was pretty much our only chance to go. It was cloudy and cold, but those are my favorite kind of fall days, so I was pretty excited.
We decided to stay close to home and hit up Pumpkin Valley in Lee's Summit, which is down the road from my parents house.  I figured a pumpkin patch is a pumpkin patch is a pumpkin patch.

Wrong-o my friends.  This place was super lame. First, there was no pumpkin patch to speak of. None that I saw anyway. Zach said he thinks we could have bought one of the (very few) pumpkins they had in their displays, but I'm not so sure.  Then, after paying $10 to get in, you had to pay to do any of the activities!  It was small and completely unimpressive.  Oh well.

They did have a petting zoo.  Mind you there were only 3 animals in the petting zoo and there was no food to feed them and the gate was too small to put your hand through, but it was there.  David was wildly entertained by the miniature mule (the website cleared that one up for me. I kept calling it a pony and Zach was calling it a donkey. Either way, it was smaller than our dog and we need to brush up on our barnyard animals). So, I guess seeing him so thrilled was worth the money.
Next year we'll drive out to one of the better known pumpkin patches and do it up right. But for this year, I'll just go get a pumpkin from Price Chopper.  At least I got my "David at the Pumpkin Patch" photo-op.  Here it is!...

Not shown: the whole lot of pictures of him freaking out because he HAD TO TOUCH THE GRASS. Yep, he's my kid.

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