Thursday, April 17, 2014

Baby Two ~ 16 Weeks

16 Weeks

I wanted to be sure to document  my pregnancy again this time. Last time I just kind of wrote what’s on my mind, but this time I think I’ll do the more structured questionnaire that floats around the inter-webs . I did remove the questions about weight gained, stretch marks and the status of my belly button (you’re welcome).  

Still not sure on belly shots this time around. I might just keep those to myself. We'll see.

How Far Along: 16 Weeks – baby is the size of an avocado or a grenade (you know, whatever)
Boy or Girl? – Thinking boy this week.
Maternity Clothes – Mostly, but still wearing some normal dresses and tops. So sick of having to wear boots. Come on, summer!
Sleep – Had a couple rough nights early this week, but I’ve had two solid nights of sleep in a row. It’s been glorious. I’m thanking my pregnancy pillow that I finally gave into using.
Best Moment – Pretty sure I’m starting to feel the baby bopping around in there! Also, my "morning sickness" is so much better (all-day sickness really). This baby really gave me a run for my money in the sickness department and I even had to go on anti-nausea medicine to help get me through the days and be able to eat. I've been off it for 4 days now, so knock on wood, I'm finally in the clear! It was a very long three months....
Worst Moment – Had what I think was my very first migraine on Monday. Ouch!
Miss Anything – Aleve. My “bad leg” is giving me lots of trouble and typically Aleve knocks it right out. Tylenol is hit or miss.
Movement – Little pops here and there, mostly low and in the middle or over to the right.
Cravings – Apples! Cucumbers & tomatoes with ranch dressing. Mamba’s candy.
Aversions – Mexican food. Anything with lots of cheese. Fast food. (what in the world!?)
Oh, I remember this – My jaw has started popping again. Happened last time too and totally freaked me out. Now at least I know it will go away after the baby is born.
Well this is new – Sciatic nerve pain!  It’s almost crippling at times but usually only hits if I stand in one place and do something for a while (cooking, laundry, waiting in lines…) It’s really bizarre and no amount of stretching has seemed to help.
Looking forward to – Easter brunch, my doctor appointment next week and feeling more kicks!

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