Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Baby Two ~ 17 Weeks

How Far Along:  17 Weeks - baby is the length and weight of my iPhone!
Boy or Girl: Most people are saying girl. I still say boy.
Maternity Clothes: Need more. Most of my tee's from last time are so worn out. Plus I also don't have any tank tops? Definitely need tank tops. 
Sleep: Hit or miss. When I sleep, I sleep really well. When I don't, I'm up all night. 
Best Moment: All this nice weather! We have been spending a lot of time with the neighbors and their kids. We are lucky that we live in a cul-de-sac with a bunch of young families, all with kids David's age. Plus two of my immediate neighbors are also pregnant! We are all trying to enjoy this spring as much as we can because come late summer and fall things are going to be a lot different! 
Worst Moment: I've been having a LOT of leg pain. It's mostly the reason I'm not sleeping. My doctor gave me some suggestions and put me on baby asprin today, so hopefully that helps.... Also Ted our Great Dane broke his toenail really bad, Zach's with him at the emergency vet as I type. Sigh.
Miss Anything: Wanting to eat. While my nausea is gone, most things still don't sound very good. 
Movement: More and more every day! Feeling some rolls and tumbles too!
Cravings: Still Apples. Also orange juice, unfortunately my body doesn't do too well it with so I can't have it very much. I'm also really loving ramen noodles. 
Aversions: Ground beef, fast food, Mexican and diet coke are the big ones right now.  
Oh, I remember this: My stomach is starting to stretch a lot and I can feel my abs separating. I was hoping it wouldn't hurt as much this time, but it is... 
Well this is new: Major pregnancy brain. I am forgetting everything! I do not remember it being this bad last time, but maybe I just forgot about it. Ha! 
Looking forward to: David gets his big boy bed on Saturday. I am both really excited and horribly sad about it all. Fingers crossed he does alright! 

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