Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Baby Two ~ Weeks 20 & 21

How Far Along:  20-21 Weeks - Baby was the size of a banana and then a pomegranate
Boy or Girl: Totally convinced it's a boy.
Maternity Clothes: Just ordered a few more tops. Now I just need a new swimsuit and I should be done with the new clothes nonsense.
Sleep: Have actually been sleeping GREAT!
Best Moment: We had our 20 week ultrasound and everything looks good! Baby is measuring right on track and was very cooperative so they got all the shots they needed on the first try. Weight was estimated at 14oz! We didn't find out if it was a boy or a girl so we missed watching a big chunk of the scan but we are just very happy to know baby is doing well.
Worst Moment: Having to decide to put my cat down. He was just getting too sick. It's been a week now and still doesn't feel real. Poor David doesn't get it and frequently asks where the kitty is and what happened to his litter box :( That, coupled with this horrible cold/sinus infection I've had the past 10 days has really sucked the life out of me this week.
Miss Anything: Having energy in the evenings. David is go-go-go and wants to be outside 24/7 (which is great!) but oh my word, it is exhausting trying to keep up sometimes.
Movement:We have quiet days and busy days. A couple times I've been able to feel actual body parts rolling around from the outside, usually early in the morning. So much sooner than with David!!
Cravings: Everything I'm "not supposed to have" - Deli sandwiches, soft serve, hotdogs. And still with the strawberry lemonades!
Aversions: Ground beef. Fast food.
Oh, I remember this: Getting up off the floor is taking quite a bit of effort these days!
Well this is new: Stairs! I hate stairs! When I was pregnant with David my office didn't really have stairs that I had to climb too much. This time I'm in a different building and I have to take two big flights of stairs multiple times a day. The elevator is way out of the way and I like the little extra bursts of exercise, but holy lord, I am a panting fool when I'm done walking up them. It's so pathetic!!!
Looking forward to:  Family vacation to St. Louis this weekend! We have a good amount of things planned and I think David is going to have a blast! Fingers crossed for good weather!

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