Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Baby Two ~ Week 22

  Yep. Officially lazy with the weekly photos... Poor second baby...
note the potty chair that David has absolutely NO interest in using. Even though he's totally ready.
How Far Along:  22 Weeks - Baby is the size of a papaya
Boy or Girl: Convinced it's a boy and will probably not change my mind. I've even stopped stressing myself out about picking a girl name because I'm so sure.
Maternity Clothes: In maternity clothes exclusively. I did try on some swimsuits tonight. I need a new one since the one I have isn't really good for wrangling a toddler without possible wardrobe malfunctions and he starts swim lessons in a couple weeks. You think regular swimsuit shopping is bad? Try going when you are 22 weeks pregnant. Hahahaha. Lol.
Sleep:Still pretty good! Didn't sleep very well on vacation though. I knew I should have brought my pregnancy pillow!
Best Moment: Finally got rid of my cold turned sinus infection!
Worst Moment: I hate to say it but our vacation to St. Louis was not the best time. David had a wicked case of the terrible twos the whole time and it was meltdown after meltdown. It is so strange because he's usually SO good for us. The whole time all I could keep thinking was "soon I'm going to have two of these...." It was exhausting.  I guess it wasn't ALL bad and he did have SOME fun. I'll try to recap that in a blog post soon.
Miss Anything:Being able to lug David around. He's so heavy now and it just totally wears me out to carry him anywhere but super short distances.
Movement: Lots more! Some small pops on the outside too. Most of the movement is still really low though.
Cravings: Ice cream!!  And nachos. And pizza.
Aversions: ground beef. I can't even think about it anymore. And still fast food. It leaves the worst after-taste.
Oh, I remember this: welcome back, heartburn.
Well this is new: Ugh! Oily skin! With David my skin looked awesome all the time. Not so much this time....
Looking forward to: Against my better judgement I am taking David to the lake this weekend. Zach's staying home (to hopefully CLEAR OUT THE BABY'S ROOM... RIGHT?!) and I'm going with my Dad and brothers. Fingers crossed for nice weather and minimal meltdowns!

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