Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Baby Two ~ 32 Weeks

How Far Along:  32 Weeks - Baby is the size of a random squash and weighs about 3 pounds, give or take.
Boy or Girl:  At my friends baby shower there was a girl there who I had never met before that looked me square in the face and proclaimed "I know exactly what you are having, 100%, without a doubt"  A girl apparently. So, there's that.
Maternity Clothes: I am not currently a fan of clothing. Maxi skirts are my current go-to for work because they are the most comfy. I am pretty much only able to wear flip flops too, which is worrisome as my feet aren't even really swollen. I fear they have grown... again.
Sleep: Been a pretty good week in the sleep department (knock on wood!)  I've only even had to take tylenol once so far!
Best Moment: A best moment overall this pregnancy has been being able to share it with so many friends. With David I kind of had to go it alone in the pregnancy department. Short of a few girls at work nobody I knew was expecting. This time is a whole 'nother story! There are currently 4 of my neighbors who are pregnant (one who just had a baby two moths ago). My two closest work friends are pregnant. And one of my very close college friends is pregnant! It's a pregnant-palooza! It's been really nice having people to gab about all things pregnancy and baby with. It is also going to be really great to have so many people with babies the same age! 
We also took David to our hospital tour this week. He did really well and wasn't scared or worried about anything (you never know what's going to spook a two year old...) and was pretty excited to be there with us. Although he was also mostly convinced we were there to "get the baby"
Worst Moment: . I'm struggling with getting the nursery done. I cannot decide on anything. Everything seems too girlie or too boyish. Every single wall is blank and there are piles of gear and clothes that need to be sorted and washed and organized. I just can't get into it this time. I've almost caved and called the doctor (who knows the sex of the baby) a million times. I'm getting anxious! But, I know I'll regret it if we find out, so I'm holding on. I just need some motivation to finish the room!
Miss Anything: I really miss being able to walk normally. Baby is wedged down low and hitting my right hip. That, coupled with my bad leg pain makes for some interesting walking experiences.  
Movement: It's starting to get painful. I'm still getting really big movements right above my belly button. It is really, really sore.  I've been stretching a lot this week and at one point it felt like my skin was literally ripping. Woke up the next morning with a new stretch mark right there. Argh! I still will never complain about feeling movement though. It is so reassuring.
Cravings: Lemonade and flavored waters.  Pizza. Diet Coke. I've been eating a lot of watermelon and cucumbers with tomatoes this week too.
Aversions: Fried food. Hamburger.
Oh, I remember this: Can't eat much in one sitting anymore. It's mostly just lots of snacking at this point.
Well this is new: the ripping skin sensation is definitely new. I got some Palmers Cocoa Butter Stretch Mark Cream today. Hoping that helps a little...
Looking forward to: Chiefs Football season starts tomorrow!!!! That means September is ALMOST HERE! 

Somehow we still fit in the chair for cuddles every night. 

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