Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Baby Two ~ 33 Weeks

How Far Along:  33 Weeks - Baby is feeling big! 
Boy or Girl:  Boy, probably
Maternity Clothes: Put on one of my oversized tshirts I used to sleep in and didn't realize that my belly was hanging out the bottom until AFTER I came inside from playing with David in the front yard with all the neighbors. Back to strictly maternity shirts over here.
Sleep: Sunday night I was up until 3am. Wide awake, could not fall asleep to save my life. I think I took too long of a nap or something because I've been back to sleeping "well" the rest of the week (if you count getting up at least 5 times a night to use the bathroom sleeping well)
Best Moment: Saturday night Zach and I had probably our last date night for a while. We went to dinner at J. Alexanders (so good!) and then got really wild and went to Target and to window shop for cars. Oh and we also got some ice cream :) My kind of date night! 
Worst Moment: Had some real-deal contractions Friday night. At first I thought I just had a stomach ache and then it stopped and then started again a few minutes later. YIKES! I promptly sat down and drank water and the painful ones stopped. Zach said I kept moaning in my sleep though and at one point woke me up to make sure we didn't need to head to the hospital. Ha! All was back to normal the next day and has been since. Stay put, baby!
Miss Anything: I miss having feeling in my fingertips. I now sleep with both hands in a brace and it's not really helping with anything other than keeping my wrists from locking up, which I suppose is something.   
Movement: The doctor confirmed today that the poky body part that likes to make waves across my belly is indeed a knee or foot. A "big" knee or foot, she said. Baby is definitely head down and we hope to keep it that way from here on out.
Cravings: Still flavored water. I think I'm just really sick of regular water. I've also been craving fettuccine alfredo, it always sounds good.
Aversions: I was starting to think the hamburger aversion was fading but then we went to Culvers for ice cream and I could barely stand being in there with the smell of all the hamburgers cooking. Blech!
Oh, I remember this: Lots of pressure when I stand. Oof!
Well this is new: TMI I guess, but last time all my stretch marks were below my belly button. This time they are all above my belly button. Look how cute, the kids are already sharing. UGH! The cocoa butter does not seem to be helping, but I'm keeping at it. I didn't even gain any weight the past couple weeks so I don't know what else to do! Deal with it I guess. 
Looking forward to:Wednesday's! I got the OK from my boss to start working from home on Wednesday's since I have appointments every week on that day from here on out. It will be a nice mid-week break from sitting at my uncomfortable desk. 
How's David: I'm adding a new one this week. David seems to finally understand that a baby is coming at some point. I've been letting him "help" me get the baby's room ready and he's been pointing out things in his room that the "baby needs one too!" like his lamp, sound machine and cross. He also says the baby can sit next to him in the car but not in HIS seat and the baby has to "look out the window on his own!"  Today he got to come to my appointment with me which is in the same complex as the hospital. We pulled in and he goes "OH!! This is where the baby lives!" Ha! He's been "playing baby" with his Elmo and Bunny that he sleeps with. Every morning when I wake him up he wants me to hold the baby bunny and he holds baby Elmo. He'll give him a kiss and change his diaper. It's very sweet. I hope he is like that with the real baby too. 

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