Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Baby Two ~ 37 Weeks

 How Far Along:  37 Weeks - officially "early term"
Boy or Girl: Probably a boy.
Maternity Clothes: Down to just a few things that still fit :(
Sleep: Can't complain. I've been really lucky to still be sleeping so well. I do wake up all the time, but have been able to fall back asleep without much trouble. I am enjoying all the sleep I can right now, that's for sure.
Best Moment:  My work team threw me a little shower on Friday. It was very cute! I really enjoy working on this team a lot and am kind of sad that it's a possibility I won't be coming back to that team after the baby comes. They are pretty great and really spoiled baby TBA, that's for sure!!
Worst Moment: i am so sore. So, so, so sore. Baby has definitely dropped and it is so hard to walk as he/she seems to be pressing against my right hip, causing all sorts of pain. Sitting is also not very fun either. Basically, I'm massive and uncomfortable, no two ways around it. Also, my hands are very swollen and numb. My right hand is so numb that I can no longer feel if things are hot or cold. It's pretty obnoxious.
Miss Anything: Everything. Mostly my energy though. I just can't keep up and it's really frustrating.
Movement: Just little shifts here and there. Definitely running out of room.
Cravings: Lemonade. Pizza.
Aversions: Same ol.
Oh, I remember this:Have officially entered the "was that a contraction" phase of things. I over-analyze every little twitch right now.
Well this is new:  Having to keep up with a toddler at this stage is really, really hard. Zach's been gone on the weekends for football stuff so I've been solo David wrangling and as much as I love spending all my time with him, it's exhausting.
Looking forward to: Being done. Had an appointment today. No progress in the last two weeks besides baby seeming a little lower. Bummer.
How's David: He's two going on three. When he's good, he's a total sweetheart angel baby. When he's bad, he just pushes, pushes, pushes. I try to be patient with him but there's been a few times where I just wave the white flag, turn on cartoons and sit down. I will say that he always seems to be concerned with how I'm feeling. He asks all the time if I'm OK and if I feel good. He's very, very sweet to me.

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