Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Baby Two ~ 36 Weeks

How Far Along:  36 weeks - not sure I can get much larger....
Boy or Girl: Back to boy for me. I could totally know right this very instant if I wanted to. My Dr. gave me my medical records to take with me to the hospital (standard protocol) and I was starting to flip through them when I realized that the sex is totally in there because we had DNA lab work done early on for other reasons and the sex is one of the outputs. I remember the genetic counselor telling me not to look if we don't want to know. I quickly put them at the bottom of my hospital bag and I need to get it in my car so I am not tempted every time I walk by the thing!
Maternity Clothes: Ready to be done with them.
Sleep: Pretty good still, even though I wake up every hour pretty much. I get so excited when I wake up and it's been longer than an hour.
Best Moment: I feel mostly ready now. Everything that HAD to be done is done and now it's just a bunch of little things that I'm not too stressed out about. I also found out that I get a F-R-E-E brand new breast pump via my insurance, so that should be here any day. Woo! OH! And I was supposed to serve Jury Duty today but it got canceled. I've always secretly wanted jury duty, but not right now, so I was pretty pumped.
Worst Moment: I was still really sick all week. It was the worst over the weekend. I hadn't felt that bad in a really long time. Finally caved and got an Rx for a sinus infection and finally started feeling mostly like myself today, even though I still sound really stuffy.
Miss Anything: I miss so many things but right now I think I miss being able to hold David on my lap the most. I am really starting to get overly emotional about how little time we have left with him as the baby. All the feels....
Movement: Slowing down some because I'm sure it's getting tight in there, but now the big movements feel REALLY BIG and kind of stop me in my tracks.
Cravings: Flavored water. Ice cream. Pizza.  
Aversions: Same ol.
Oh, I remember this: Standing up from sitting is the worst right now. Once I get going I'm totally fine, but the initial stand up and first few steps are horrible. So much pressure!
Well this is new: Definitely been having a few contractions here and there. Mostly at night. Several times I've woken up from a dead sleep thinking "this is it!" because I'll have a couple that are actually painful. I always manage to fall back asleep so I know it's nothing, but whew! Not fun.
Looking forward to: Meeting this baby! Although I've kind of gone from "definitely going early" to "definitely gonna be late" all of a sudden this week. Just a feeling...
How's David: He asks every day if the baby is going to come out today. I think he's getting excited.  He insisted on wearing some footie tractor pajamas to bed earlier this week and had trouble falling asleep because they were too tight on his ginormo feet. Zach finally went in and put him in his normal pajamas and he said that "the tractor jammies are for the baby". He's also still telling the babysitter that he's going to have a sister. We shall see! 

puffy and sicker than a dog, but just happy to be hanging out with my big guy. soaking up these last moments with him as my only baby.

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