Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fitness Log - Week 5 2009

Monday, February 2

Tuesday, February 3
Treadmill: walk .25, run 1.0, walk .25, run .50, walk .10, run .50, walk .40 (Ok, I'm getting sick of this. I will from here on out only put what I run. You can assume I'm walking .25 inbetween...)
Bike: 15 min

Wednesday, February 4
Treadmill: Run 1.5 + walking
Bike: 15 min

Thursday, February 5
Walk Missy: 25 min (I found out the mileage on our walk is 1.5 miles, not too bad!)
Weights: various, 20 min
Zumba: 45 min (I'm making this an every other week thing starting now, it's just not 'hard' enough)

Friday, February 6
Walk Missy - 20 min

Saturday, February 7
Bike: 60 min spin class

Sunday, February 8
Treadmill: Run 1.0 + Walking
Elliptical: 17 min
Was not feeling well

Weight Loss/Overall Notes
Very proud of myself for only taking 2 days off! Walking Missy doesn't count as "working out" but I include it because it's "something". Upset about not losing any weight. It's looking like I'm not going to meet my 10 lb weight loss goal for February. Maybe it wasn't realistic? I don't know. I'm frustrated. I'm going to focus more on diet next week.

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