Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fitness Log - Week 4, 2009

Monday, January 26

Tuesday, January 27
Off - dang it

Wednesday, January 28
Elliptical: 20 minutes - Hill climb, high resistance
Run: .25 walk, 1.0 Run, .25 Walk, .50 Run, .25 Walk, .50 Run, .25 Walk

Thursday, January 29
Walk Missy - 25 minutes (we walked really fast)
Bike - 15 min (2.3 miles)
Zumba - 45 min

Friday, January 30

Saturday, January 31
Run: .25 walk, 1.0 Run, .25 Walk
SET: 60 Minutes (weights and cardio)

Sunday, February 1
Run: .25 walk, 1.0 Run, .25 Walk, .50 Run, .25 Walk, .50 Sprint, .25 Walk
Bike: 15 min (5 miles)

Weight Loss/Overall Notes
I lost the two pounds I gained last week. I also can notice that my clothes fit better. When I lose weight I tend to lose it inwards from my head and toes, meaning that my center is the last part to lose and I can tell that is happening right now. I just have to keep the momentum and hopefully the rest will follow suit. I also need to stop taking that extra day off at the gym!

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Courtney Staton said...

Keep it going! good work!

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