Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I need to do more puzzles.

...because my mind is failing me.

I am having a particularly stressful day and wanted to get out of the office for a little bit over lunch. Since I won the parking pass for the month where can get back into the garage under my office whenever I want, I thought I'd run up to the Petco by my old apartment on North Oak. The dogs need food and there's a Sonic down the street where I could get a much needed Strawberry Limeade.

You would think after having lived up north for nearly three years and having driven up North Oak past said Petco EVERY SINGLE DAY for those three years that I'd remember how to get there. I mean, I only moved less than two years ago.


I got out of the garage and totally forgot where to go. Broadway? Main Street? Grand? No clue. After ending up in a particularly sketchy part of the Rivermarket I turned around and came back to work. More stressed than when I left, without dog food and sans Strawberry Limeade.

Lunchtime fail.

Of course now I totally remember how to get there. Grand to that one street where I take a right and then a left over the bridge. Duh.

There's always tomorrow I guess.

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