Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's still winter....

Oh, hello there blog! 

I've been neglecting writing here.  I guess there's just not a whole lot going on to write about these days... I've got a mild case of the winter ho-hum's and I'm anxiously awaiting spring.  Judging by the snow falling outside right now, I'm guessing it's not coming anytime soon.  I just can't take much more of this grey and dreary. 

I'm about 6 weeks out from my first 10K of the year. I had a good long run outside the other day so I think I'll definitely be ready.  I'd like to beat my hospital hill time from last year. It should be totally do-able as this course is pretty much totally flat.

Zach turns 30 next week! THIRTY!  That means I'm hot on the heels of the big 3-Oh myself. Although I still have the rest of 28 and all of 29 to go.  Meh. Blah. Getting old.  Not fun.

The pupperoni's are great! When it's not snowing our backyard turns into a complete swamp land, which means our carpet gets muddier by the second. So we are getting a patio poured first thing this spring. We just got back from the Home Show, and while it was pretty underwhelming compared to the one we went to 2 years ago, we picked up quite a few cards from pretty decent companies, so hopefully we can score a good deal.  We also need to grow some grass, that would help....

Anywhoo, just wanted to check in.  Back to my constant Winter Olympics watching....

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