Friday, April 9, 2010

Love It List Friday!

This seems to be something of a trend in Blogger-land so I thought I'd join the party! I have no idea how frequently I'll be able to add to the Love it List! but stay tuned, it will just be a sneak attack!

Jelly Beans

Oh man. I love me some jelly beans! My favorites are the traditional Brach's variety. With their thick suggary shell, light flavor and gooey middles, they are what I grew up with and are what I look forward to at Easter time the most. I will not reveal exactly how many bags I purchased this year. Let's just say they are probably responsible for my jeans feeling a little tightish these days. Oops! Zach's mom also sent us a bag of Starubrst jelly beans in our Easter care package. Back when I was a freshman in college, I ate a few too many Starburst jelly beans in one sitting and boy howdy, I did not feel good. I hadn't touched them since. I gotta say, I've been missing out! Fruity yummy goodness, right there!

Champion C9 Workout Pants from Target

I love these pants! I totally admit it, minus a few splurges Zach got me for various birthday's and holiday's all my workout clothes come from Target. They have good stuff! At reasonable prices! I actually have an entire drawer completely devoted to black workout capri pants. A whole drawer! I can't help myself. Every time they go on sale I have to snap up another pair. I will say I like the spandex ones much better than the cotton variety. They seem to keep me much cooler and look nicer longer.

Maybelline Eye Studio Eye Shadow

I have a thing for eye shadow. It's just so fun! It's always the first thing I look at when browsing the makeup aisles. I would love to have lots of extra money to go buy all the fancy pants stuff at Sephora, but I'm a total cheapie and stick to the drug store brands. Right now my favorites are the new Maybelline Eye Studio shadows that look like half spheres. They have little tiny bits of shimmer in them and they blend like. a. dream. I love them! I have two colors right now and that's pretty much all I've worn since I've had them. These are the two that I have and I hope to expand my collection soon. So glam!


Most years, I hate spring. Hate it! It's always cold and rainy and dreary and then it will get warm for one day then go back to the cold, rainy gloom and doom. This year has been different though! It's been really nice! Sure it's rained some, but it just doesn't feel as bad as years past. Of course we still have plenty of spring left to go, but so far, I'm a fan! Even the fishy trees don't smell that bad this year! Maybe I've just been in a better mood? Whatever it is, I'll take it :)

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Erin said...

I also eat way too many Brach's "jelly bird eggs" every spring. They're currently on sale for 1/2 off at my supermarket. Very dangerous.

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