Friday, May 21, 2010

Love it List Friday! (5/21/10)

Alright! It's Friday!  Woo! I looks like it's going to be a real summer weekend, so I'm totally looking forward to it. I love me some warm weather!  This weekend we have lots of plans, so it should be good! Tonight we are going to try out B.R.G.R. Kitchen + Bar with some friends. Tomorrow I have 10-12 mile run planned (ah!) then I might actually try to hit up some neighborhood garage sales. I'm new to garage-saleing but there's lots of stuff we need for the house. We are trying to save some money and Craigslist still frightens me, so garage sales it willl be!  I know I probably won't find anything, but it's worth a shot, right? We also have to replace the tree that Ted removed for us and plant a new bush Zach's mom got us! Sunday will be full of family time.  Yay weekend!

Now on to the list!

Mossimo Pollyann Woven Wedge Sandals! I got these shoes at Target a few weeks ago. For the longest time I was terribly against the whole "gladiator sandal" thing. HATED them. But, I'm giving in (still totally holding out on skinny jeans though). These were inexpensive and I thought they'd work well with a lot of my summer skirts and capris. They also looked really good wtih the jeans I was wearing at the time. I thought for sure the straps would rub wrong and they'd be really uncomfortable, but much to my surprise they are pretty much the most comfortable pair of shoes I own at the moment (well next to my running shoes). They are even better than flip flops!! The ever-so-slight heel gives me just the right lift and the straps aren't too tight. Love! I only wish I would have purchased the coniac color insted. Ah well.

Parenthood! I think this is my new favorite show. I won't deny it, I was a huge Gillmore Girls fan (and Dawsons creek and especially Felicity!), so when I saw that Loreali was going to be in a new show that looked pretty similar I knew I would be watching. Oh sure, it's totally cheezy most of the time, but I don't care. I just love it! Watch and you'll see! I'll miss it this summer. Good thing I have The Hills and So You Think You Can Dance to get me through! Hee!

Cuban Sandwiches! Mmm, Mmmm, Mmm! I first tried a Cuban Sandwich a few years ago when I was in Florida on a work trip that I won. I had it at the poolside bar with friends. I think that was probably the best place I could think of for a first try, if I do say so myself. I'm not sure what compelled me to order it. Pickles AND mustard on a sandwich? I'm usually meat and cheese only thank-you-very-much. But, I tried it. Oh man. So good! The pulled pork, chicken, swiss cheese, pickels and mustard on a grilled ciabatta roll. Heaven. I'm totally hooked. They have a really good one at one of our favorite Friday night spots, 54th Street and I get it nearly every time I'm there. Panara has a new one, but it's just not the same. I wonder if there's any other places in KC to try a good Cuban Sandwich?! Yum!

Squeeky Donut Dog Toy! I can't leave out the pupperonis when I'm thinking about my loves. Ted is currently in the middle of another rambunctious phase. Probably because the weather is bad and he's cooped up inside, but still. He's driving us nuts. I try to rotate the dog toys so when they get bored with one I put it away and get out another. Works like a charm. Zach's mom got Ted this squeeky donut for Christmas and oh man, he loves that thing! He will step on it, chew it, toss it, slide it.. but his favorite is simply prancing around with it squeeking away. Totally hilarious. I don't think Missy's ever even been given the chance to play with it, Ted's quite the toy-hog. But, it keeps him busy and a worn out Great Dane = happy Stephanie. Here's a video of him the first day he had it. He's so much bigger now! Crazy!!!

And there you have it!

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Kari said...

Hey Stephanie, don't fear craigslist - it's amazing!!! :) As for garage sales, for furniture you'll need to go EARLY! Make sure to have small bills so you can bargain. GL!

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