Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Next Saturday I will be running the Hospital Hill Run 10K. Yes, that's right, 10K.

I have failed at my half marathon training. Miserably.

My heart just wasn't in it. I won't go into all of my excuses, because you know what they say about excuses....

I know I *could* finish the race if I wanted to. I know I could. But, I signed up to RUN a half marathon, I did not sign up to run/walk a half marathon. I feel like if I did do the race, I'd be cheating myself. So, the plan is to dominate the 10k. I'm going for at least a couple minutes faster than last year and I totally think I can do it. Am I disappointed in myself? Yes. Am I frustrated? Yes. Am I sure I'm letting people down? Definitely. Do I feel like a total failure? Of course. I just have to come to terms with it. Maybe I'll try for another half again someday. However, I think I might opt for a slightly "easier" race next time, instead of the hardest one in KC. We'll see. Until then, Onward.

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