Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hospital Hill Run 2010 - 10K

Saturday was the Hospital Hill Run 10K. This was my third year doing the run and as you know, I had been planning on doing the Half Marathon. However, a few weeks ago I decided that it probably wasn't the best idea. At packet pickup I nearly got suckerd back into doing the half by someone I didn't even know and someone who wasn't even running! They nearly talked me right into being completely insane! THANK GOODNESS I didn't listen to them.

I can describe this race in one word. Humid. Ok two, HOT and HUMID. Me oh my, it was tough race! Its still my favorite though. It's just such a challenge and such an accomplishment to finish, no matter the distance! My goal was to finish at or under my time from last year. As you'll see below I missed it by 2 minutes, but I'm ok with that. I was not used to running in that sort of heat. We've been lucky and have had a really nice spring this year, so I was totally not ready for that heat and humidity! Oh, and the hills.

I met up with my brother's girlfriend, Sheena and friend Ashley before the race. It was nice having someone to talk to before hand and line up with. I usually go solo. The race started off a little frustrating for me. This year they had both the 5K and 10K start at the same time. If I remember correctly they had different start times the past two years. I made the mistake of lining up near the back of the pack because I got in the gate a little late. It was SO crowded! So, for the first mile (which should have been a really fast downhill) I had to fight my way around a bazillion walkers and super slow runners. Note to walkers/slow runners: LINE UP AT THE BACK, YOU JERKS!!! Sorry, it was really, really frustrating. But, like I said, partially my fault. So, the first mile was probably a little slower than I would have liked. All the miles kind of blend together after that point. It was just so stinking hot. I remember constantly having to tell myself to just keep moving, don't stop. I feel like I walked darn near half the race. Every hill, I walked. It was just so hard to breathe. I was frustrated, but tried not to get down on myself and not look at my watch too much. Much to my surprise mile 5 came and went and I was pretty close to my goal time! I was so shocked! Looks like all my speed work paid off and even with the extra walking, I still made pretty good running time! I knew I wouldn't beat last year, but at least I was going to come close! I saw my brother right before the finish line, which was fun! I usually push myself super hard to cross the finish fast, but I just didn't have it in me this time. I just ran normally. I'm glad I did, I totally would have passed out after stopping had I gone all out.

Afterwards I met up with my brother, Sheena and Ashley and hung out for a bit. I've never really stayed after a race either. I always just go. The past two years I've had to practically run off to make it to puppy school in time. Ah, the joys of a summer with out having a puppy! It was fun seeing all the people! Everyone looked pretty much as glad it was over as I did. We were going to get the free beer and food, but the lines were too long. So I headed home and got some Sonic breakfast instead. Note to self: Sonic after running = no bueno. Blech.

The rest of the day I tried to rest and tried to eat, but I was just so flipping hot and felt so bad. So, I hardly ate anything. Then I went to my mom's party. And had a little too much fun. But it was my mom's party and my birthday weekend, so it was all good! Yay!

Here are the stats:
Distance: 10K (6.2 miles)
Overall: 830/1528
Female: 393/918
Division: 86/180

What's next?

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