Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Love it List Wednesday Edition!

Ah yes, another installment of the love it list.  I've been kind of boring on the blog lately. Hopefully this holds you over till I can think of something more interesting to say. 

Laughing Cow Light Cheese Wedges

I love cheese. Love it.  A lot. Ever since I got on the diet train I've been on the constant lookout for a good cheese substitute. Fat free cheese tastes like rubber, 2% is okkkk but mostly I just like regular ol' cheese!  So, I was thrilled when I discovered laughing cow cheese wedges! Each wedge packs a measly 35 calories and it actually tastes really good! I mostly use them on sandwiches as a spread, but also use them on tortillas which I then eat with a few slices of turkey. YUM!  I've also chopped up some and sprinkled it on salads. It makes dieting so much easier!

VV Brown - "Shark in the Water"

Oh man, I love this song.  I got satellite radio when I got my new car last year and have since expanded my musical tastes (even though Zach would totally disagree). This song came on one day and I was hooked! I downloaded it right before the Hospital Hill Run and it came on my Shuffle right as I was about to head up the first big hill.  It has a great steady rhythm and it was perfect for getting up that hill.  Ever since then it's been my favorite workout song.  Check it out!

 Kong Wubba
Another Ted-Approved dog toy.  This has currently taken over as "favorite toy" for now. Whenever we come home from being gone Ted always greets us with a toy in his mouth.  He will carry said toy for at least 15-20 minutes after we get home and just prances around the house with it. Right now that toy is the beloved Kong Wubba.  It has a hard Kong like middle and a heavy canvas covering and straps. Perfect for slinging across the room at a moments notice. Fun! He goes into full on prancing mode whenever we say "You gots your Wuuuuuubaaaaa!?!?"  We are losers.  But, whatever. This toy rocks.

So You Think You Can Dance
Yay! Summer means a new installment of So You Think You Can Dance!  In a former lifetime, I was totally a dancer. Totally.  I have always been obsessed with any sort of dancing show or competition. Heck, I still watch any and all college dance competitions whenever I catch them on ESPN! This year So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD for us fans) has changed the format and has invited "all stars" back to pair up with the contestants. Kind of like that OTHER dancing show.  I'm not sure I like the format, but whatever, I'm still watching. Bring on the booty shaking!

That is all.

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