Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Midway Touchpoint

Where has the year gone?!  Wow, I can't believe it's July already.  Those adults really aren't lying to you when they say that years go faster the older you get.  No fun.

Time to check in on how the good ol' New Years Resolutions are going eh?

Here's what I had planned:
-Maybe run that half marathon? Eh. I wouldn't bet on it. At least do 4 runs.
-Maintain weight loss and maybe get in even better shape.
-Continue home improvements.

And here's where I stand:
- Maybe run a half marathon.  - Uh yeah.  That didn't exactly work out.  I thought I'd be more upset about it than I am too, so I guess I'm happy where I stand with running.
- At least do 4 runs. - 3 down, one to go!  Shouldn't be a problem.
-Maintain weight loss and maybe get in even better shape -  This one is sketchy. Have I maintained my weightloss? Sort of. Ok, not really. A little bit.  Honestly, I've gained back about 5-7 pounds since the fitness challenge (lost 15). While upsetting, I still feel like I'm in really good shape!  Right now I'm working on tweaking my fitness routine to keep the cardio up and take the weights down just a smidge. I feel like I was lifting to heavy of weights. I think I'm going to focus more on pilates and yoga types of resistance training. I'll still lift weights, yes, but maybe not as heavy. We'll see how it works. I also need to stop eating sugar. It's still my biggest weakness.
-Continue home improvements - Random.  I guess we are doing that? We did quite a bit of work out in the yard and I'm very slowly working on "decorating" the inside of our house. We had planned on having a patio by now, but we grossly underestimated the cost of concrete. Outrageous. I still hope to have one by the end of the year though. :::nudgezachnudge:::
-TBD - I like how I kept things open! ha!  Always room for more resolutions! 

This is what else I want to do: (all of the above PLUS...)
- Focus on saving money, not spending it.
- Go on more dates with Zach. Doing whatever.
- Take more pictures that aren't of my dogs (but still a few of my dogs, ok).
- Take Hot Yoga
- Enjoy Christmas. People, you have no idea how much my job makes one hate Christmas. I work on Christmas stuff every. single. day. If I see one more snowman, poinsettia, candy cane or santa, I might shoot someone. However, this also makes me really sad. I used to LOVE Christmas, LOVE it.  I want to get back to that. I We had a shitastic Christmas last year so I really, really, really want to have a good one this year.  We'll see how it goes.

So there we have it. Pretty attainable. Here's to a great second half of the year!  How are YOU doing on YOUR resolutions!?

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