Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pupperoni Summer

The pups have been having quite the summer! Zach's been off school and home during the day so they've gotten lots of playing time in. Now that he's back in school it's going to be a tough transition for all of us, but hopefully we can make due with lots of chew bones, playtime outside and maybe even some walks if I'm brave.

A couple weeks ago I got Ted a new toy! A Jolly Ball! The thing is about the size of my head and has a handle on it so he can tote it around. Ted thinks it is the best. toy. ever.   He loves it!  It's pretty hilarious watching him run around with it. It's hard to capture motion with my little camera, but we are thinking of upgrading pretty soon, so watch out for even MORE dog pictures! I know you are excited!

oh blogger, your formatting tool is second to none.  ARG!  But look how cute these faces are!?

Ted loves posin' for the camera. Missy, not so much.
After a tough play session in this summer heat, a dudes got to rest.  For some size perspective, that is a Queen Size bed...

Hope you are having a fun summer!!!

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