Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's time to grow up

Zach and I are on a mission.

Operation: "Grown Up Bedroom"

Neither one of us came into our marriage with decent bedroom furniture, it all stayed with our parents. And, after going furniture shopping this weekend, I can't blame them for keeping it. That stuff's EXPENSIVE!! Sheesh!

Currently, our bed sits on a plain metal frame that I've had since I was 1 year old, we don't even have a headboard! Our particle board "dressers" are from K-Mart and I've had them since I went away to college. They are actually serving double duty as our nightstands as well. I also have a lovely matching lingerie chest that is falling apart so bad I can't even open 2 of the drawers.  So, as we creep up on our 3 year wedding anniversary, we have decided it might be time to grow up a little and get some real furniture.

We made the trek out to Nebraska Furniture Mart this weekend to get some ideas of what we like. I was afraid we wouldn't even have the same taste.  Luckily, it turns out that we do for the most part.

 This is an example of the style we are going for...

I was kind of disappointed in NFM's selection. Everything in our price range seemed a little "cheap" and the "expensive" stuff wasn't exactly what we were liking either.  Plus the store was pure insanity. I should have known better than to go furniture shopping on Labor Day weekend since I know that's one of the busiest sale times.  It was a complete madhouse. I got really overwhelmed and we ended up leaving and headed over to Granite City for some soft pretzels & cheese (the best EVER) and a Bedda Chedda Bacon Burger to re-evaluate our strategy.  After some thinking, a new plan has formed....


I've been reading a few DIY blogs lately (much to Zach's dismay) and over and over and over again I see Dresser re-dos. They are everywhere! I've been drawn to black furniture anyway, so how hard can it be to sand down and paint a dresser!? Surely not that hard! The hard part is finding a dresser to re-do. Then finding a chest that sort of matches. But dang it, we are going to try! I just emailed my very first craigslist seller tonight (a solid wood dresser for $25?! Yes please!) and am on pins and needles waiting to hear back.  I probably won't, but I'm just glad I took the first step. I've said it before, but I'm a major chicken when it comes to Craigslist. It just gives me the hebejebies  But, Zach has actually sold a few things recently, so I'm putting my brave pants on and going for it. (don't worry, if I ever do find something to buy, Zach will be coming with me to pick it up!)

I'll keep you posted!  Here goes nothin!


Anonymous said...

Make sure you get something simple. Dressers may seem easy to redo but the sanding and painting gets tricky when it has a lot of tiny grooves that you have to get in!

Amy said...

Hey you! I totally know what you mean. Almost all our furniture is particle-board specials. We aren't going to get "nice grown-up" things until we have a "nice grown-up" house to put it in. :) Have fun shopping!

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