Sunday, September 5, 2010

No-Guilt Chocolate Cupcakes

I'm sure most of you have heard of or had one of these little bad boys, but I thought I'd share anyway.  These are the "One Point Cupcakes". I still have a hard time believing that these are just one little Weight Watchers point (I don't do WW), but I figure they can't be TOO bad anyway.

They are so simple to make too.  Just 2 ingredients are required, three if you want to be a tiny bit on the bad side.

No-Guilt Chocolate Cupcakes
1 box Dry Chocolate Cake Mix
1 can Pumpkin
1/2 cup Chocolate Chips

Mix cake mix and can of pumpkin together, add chocolate chips. (batter will be thick) Scoop some batter into a cupcake pan fitted with paper wrappers.  (the batter doesn't rise like normal cupcakes, so fill them however full you want them to be in the end).  Bake 25-30 minutes, or until done

It doesn't get much easier than that, now does it!? The cupcakes aren't really as "cakey" as they are like a brownie. I lovvvve them!  Plus, they are so rich tasting that you really only want one! Try for yourself!

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Amy said...

I've never had these but my mother-in-law swears by them. And since you compared them to brownies, now I'm itching to try. I love it when you post recipes!

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