Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Go Chiefs!

This past Sunday Zach and I went to the Chiefs game with my family (well, minus mom, just not her thing). Dad, Vince, Chris and their girlfriends, along with a bunch of their friends all met up to caravan into the stadium bright (or cloudy) and early!  We were a bit worried since the forecast for Sunday called for a *zero* percent chance of rain.  One guess what we all woke up to? Yep. Rain.  Luckily it let up right as we got to Arrowhead.  It was a bit chilly, but that made for perfect tailgating weather!  We had lots of yummy food grilled up by my brother and chips and beer till our hearts were content. 

Since Vince and Chris have season tickets already we were all split up in the stadium, but all within the same two sections, and as luck would have it, the tickets I purchased were right next to my brothers friends, so it was great! Chris came up and sat with us and we had a totally fun time.  It doesn't hurt that the Chiefs totally stomped the 49ers either!  Such fun!  I hope to make it a yearly tradition!
Zach grew up a big Joe Montana fan. Since South Dakota doesn't have a Pro team, I give him a pass.

Tailgating fun! See the guy in the #88 jersey? I used to babysit him.  *sigh*

Here come the Chiefs!

Jessi (Chris's girlfriend), Sheena (Vince's girlfriend) and Me

Vince, Chris, Dad, Zach and Me

Serious grilling business going on here.

Our seats were wayyyyy up in the corner, but I still thought they were good. Plus I had some nifty binoculars. 

Chris sitting down in his seat (jersey with the white hat, standing)

Decided to take a parking lot shot, I guess.


I have a feeling Zach will be switching football teams soonish.

I love Arrowhead!

Post Game Re-Tailgate. I am officially too old to hang with this crowd!

So, that was my one Chiefs game for the year. I'd love to have season tickets too, but we already have Nebraska season tickets, so I think that's enough football for us. Plus I like watching on TV just the same.  Next up, we head to Northwest for a game this Saturday!  Oh and a Nascar race on Sunday. Yes, Nascar.  I will definitely recap.

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