Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pregnancy - Weeks 14-18

...and we're up to date! My goodness, I'm almost half-way done!!!

Well, week 14 wasn’t so magical. Neither was week 15.  I was still tired, felt sick constantly (but still never actually *got* sick) and was just a general pile of blah.  I was starting to think I’d never feel better when week 16 rolled around.  Suddenly, I was staying up a few minutes later each night, playing with the dogs more and actually getting things done around the house!  I even worked out a few times!   Around the same time food gradually stopped making me feel ill every time I ate it and I was able to function in the morning like a normal human!  Hooray for the second trimester!  I still can’t eat sweets, but sometimes try to anyway... you know, just to see…   Shamefully, my favorite food is McDonald’s French Fries. I swear I could eat them every day (but I don’t). Luckily I still love salad and fruit too. 

The last couple weeks have been pretty good!!  We’ve been really busy so far this summer and it seems like we have something planned every weekend, which I’m loving because soon we won’t have such freedoms to go wherever, whenever. 

We’ve made a couple trips out to Babies R Us to check things out and we have a pretty good list of stuff we want to buy and/or register for, which is really exciting. Zach has been totally into it too. I wasn’t sure if he’d be up for all the baby gear decision making, but he’s really interested and totally helpful.  He definitely has been keeping me grounded! 

We’ve gradually started working on the baby’s room too.  It was our spare bedroom, but mostly it was "George’s Room" (our cat). One Saturday I went to the pool with my friend Kristy and came home to the spare room being completely cleared out and our office now a very functional office / spare room!!  I was so excited, however George has been less than amused.  He’ll adjust. I spent last Sunday cleaning out the closet, so other than moving a few more things out and down to the basement, we are ready to start the nursery!  Planning is in full swing!

Our “BIG” ultrasound was today (19 weeks 1 day). Oh, was I ever nervous.  I still haven’t felt anything I can definitely call movement so I was a little nervous, despite my rapidly expanding middle.  Thankfully, everything was great! Perfect, if you will.  Baby is currently doing quite the headstand in there and was partying it up big time the whole ultrasound.  SO active!! I still couldn’t feel anything, but found out I have what’s called an “anterior placenta” meaning that the placenta is in front of the baby, when it is typically in the back. It’s no big deal or risk, but it just means that I will feel movement a little later than normal since  baby’s going to have to get a little bigger and stronger for me to feel it through the extra padding.  As long as the wee one is ok in there, I’m ok with it.  I should start feeling things soon enough…. 

So that’s where we are at! I’m ready to start putting the nursery together and buying all sorts of little baby things. Basically I’m going to really try my best to enjoy this second trimester and summer! So far, so good!

And because I think I've put it off long enough... Here are some pictures.  Oofta!

 (apparently I like pink??... ha! Just noticed that!)

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Amy said...

Did I miss whether you found out on your "big" ultrasound what you were having?? So glad you are feeling better!

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