Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pregnancy - Weeks 19 & 20

Halfway there! 

Weeks 19 and 20 were fairly good. My energy level is way back up for the most part. I do still have some nights where I'm just too tired to get off the couch, but most of the time I feel like I can do my normal routine and be just fine. On the food front, less things seem to be bothering me as much. Still can't do much sugar, but have found a couple things that I can have and be fine - Rice Krispy Treats (cannot. stop. eating. them.) and Peanuts M&M's are alright too. Most other sweet stuff is still yicky though. I guess I'll just stick to fruit.

All the baby books I have keep going on and on about "all the movement you are feeling now"... um, yeah, not so much here. I do feel really super light random pops and taps, but most of the time I honestly can't tell if it's the baby or not. I have a feeling it will still be a while before I feel a big thump. I'm trying not to let it get me down or worried, but lets face it, that's hard. However, my belly is growing like a weed right now so I can only assume things are going well in there. For the most part I'm exclusively wearing maternity clothes. My wardrobe is beyond limited right now. I really should start writing down my outfits because I spend most mornings trying to remember if I've already worn that shirt to work this week. I just can't justify spending a boat-load on clothes for myself right now.

I've started work on gathering things for the baby's room! I'm not big on "themes" but have always wanted to do something with the Alphabet. Something they can grow into a little bit. I found a ton of inspiration pictures and was determined to make it happen. Luckily Hobby Lobby was a gold mine of letters! Here's what I have so far. Some of them need to be switched but I needed to get it laid out before I could tell what all I had thrown in my cart. I'll be painting and possibly mod-podging some scrapbook paper on a few of them soon! Colors TBD!

Now that we are halfway there I'm starting to feel like I really need to get on some things. Namely, daycare. I've been pretending it doesn't exist for too long. I seriously need to start calling places. It's so hard to even know where to start.  Oy.  I'm also really starting to feel the nesting bug kick in. I found myself rearranging a kitchen cabinent while also trying to make breakfast before work one day. I just couldn't help myself.  Oh and the hormones have really kicked in this week. I will cry for no reason at the drop of a hat.  Last night I saw a commercial for the new Winnie the Pooh movie and totally lost it. How random is that!  Haha!

So that's about it for weeks 19 & 20.  Only two more weeks till my next apppointment and ultrasound. Lets hope I'm feeling some bouncing around in there by then! 

Picture time!  Ugh. These always turn out so bad. Especially when I try to do them myself with the self timer. What a fiasco! Haha! I should post the rejects sometime, most of them involve Ted getting in the frame and hamming it up. He cracks me up.

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Amy said...

I LOVE reading how you are progressing!!! The alphabet idea is awesome and I love the letters. You are so cute pregnant! Get all the sleep you can now! When is your 20 week appt?

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