Sunday, June 12, 2011

Thirty Years

Tuesday was my 30th Birthday.  Yep, 30.  I will be honest, I was really, really, really not looking forward to this birthday, at all.  Until I got pregnant.  Then I kind of forgot all about it...  So, when the day got here, I was mostly just kind of "whatever" about the whole thing.  I have bigger things to worry about right now :)  However, everyone around me really made it a super special day(week).  

I took the day off work and Zach surprised me by taking the day off as well.  The morning was a bit rough because I had a minor hair-tastrophy. I tried dying it on my own the night prior (as I have many times before) but this time the results were, um, orange.  YIKES!  Luckily a quick re-do did the trick and a major crisis was averted.

Zach and I then spent the day out shopping for my gift - a treadmill.  Now before you all start sending my husband hate mail for buying his pregnant wife a treadmill, let me tell you that I've wanted one FOREVER and was beyond thrilled to get one!  It will make getting back in shape after baby far less stressful! I am so excited! Then I treated myself to a pedicure, which was so nice since painting my own toes has become a little difficult these days! That night Zach took me to dinner at Skies on top of the Hyatt.  I love the views of downtown up there and the food was excellent! We had a great time!

I got back to work the next day to a fun birthday treat day and a whole slew of cards. So many they didn't even all fit on my desk! That's one of the best things about working for Hallmark, you definitely feel the love, no matter what the occasion is. My cabinet is always full of cards for some reason or another most of the year.  My admin also left me this teeny vase with some flowers from her garden. It was pretty much the cutest thing ever. 

Friday  night we celebrated with my family.  Originally my parents had been threatening me with a giant 30th birthday bash at their house. Lucky for me those plans changed once I got pregnant.  Apparently I'm really boring when I'm not drinking. Ha!  No really, it's true.  Anyway... So we decided to have a big family dinner at Garozzo's instead. Oh man, it was good! 

After dinner we went over to my parents house for birthday fruit.  Yes, fruit. The baby still doesn't like sweets or baked goods of any kind so a birthday cake was out of the question for me.  I requested fruit instead.  However, at the Anello house having fruit for your cake does not get you out of the obligatory "Happy Birthday" sing-a-long and photo shoot.  The fruit was EXCELLENT by the way! 

 Then it was time for gifts.  I got some lovely things, a new dress, cardigan, gift cards, earrings and worn out place-mats! You see, my parents have had these place-mats since I can remember eating. We used them practically every night.  They are country themed and I could never get enough of looking at all the little pictures on them. I loved them. I recently mentioned how much I loved them to my mom and she totally surprised me by giving them to me! I am SO excited to use them for our family dinners now.  Hopefully our kiddo loves them just as much as I do.

The weekend was chock-full of more time with friends and much more food.  A friend even made me a faux margarita and I am dying for the recipe because that sucker hit the spot!  Next weekend we are headed to the lake for some fun in the sun.

18 weeks pregnant... 30 years old. Life is pretty good!

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