Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pregnancy - Weeks 7-13

I just realized I never posted Weeks 7-13.  Here they are...

How on earth is it possible that I haven’t updated this in five weeks?! I don’t even feel like I’ve been pregnant five weeks! Well, sometimes I feel like I’ve been pregnant for years, but mostly it’s gone fast.

So what’s been happening?  I moved up a week.  I’m now due November 8. So I pretty much skipped week 10 all together.  I’m still not exactly convinced my due date should be the 8th, but that’s what the doctors chart said and that’s exactly what the baby was measuring at our ultrasound, so I guess I’m going with it.

Oh yes, we had our first ultrasound.  It was so fast, but incredibly reassuring.  I had never been so nervous in my whole life.  She put the wand up to me and immediately said “see baby moving around?”  I was so stunned that I could hardly focus on the screen and nearly missed it.  Zach said he saw it, so that made me feel better.  We got to see the heart beating and hear it for a few seconds, which was pretty awesome!  We got our couple of pictures headed to the waiting room and just stared at them the whole time we were waiting. Definitely helped it all feel a bit more real.

We told our family Easter weekend.  We had to call Zach’s family since they are out of town, but they were definitely trilled.  I bought my mom a book called “Easter at Grandmas” and barged in on her while cleaning to give it to her.  She got it pretty quick and my family is very excited.  We told the extended family the next day and I told work and friends the following week.  It’s good being “out of the closet”.

I still haven’t been feeling too great.  I have a good day here and there, but mostly I come home from work, force myself to eat something for dinner then retreat to the couch to watch stupid TV and moan.  It seems as though everyday there is something new that my body doesn’t agree with. At first, all I wanted was Mexican, now it makes me sick.  Hot food used to be delicious, now the colder-the better. I still haven’t been able to go near anything sweet.  Cookies, cake, ice cream, candy, kool-aid, most cereal, granola bars, yogurt… NOTHING!  It is probably one of the most frustrating things.  Although today, on the eve of my 14th week, I ate a fun size pack of skittles and two mini Hershey’s bars and didn’t feel like curling up on the floor and dying.  So…. Progress!  Now fruit? I could eat that all day long.  Zach’s mom sent us an Edible Arrangement as a congrats and I kid you not, I ate the entire thing in one weekend.  And pickles. Yes, it’s stereotypical, but man alive I love pickles right now.

I’m still pretty much exhausted. I could easily sleep in until 9 and go to bed at 8.  Easily.  Unfortunately that is not an option and I spend most of my day trying not to yawn during meetings.  But again, some days are really good and I feel alright!

Everyone keeps telling me that the 14th week is some magical week where I *should* start feeling better. We’ll see.  I did go to the gym tonight for the first time in…. well…. Too long. 

As far as the belly goes - well it’s definitely there.  I’m now officially wearing only maternity pants (which, are seriously, from the heavens. All pants should have elastic waists!!!!) Most of my normal flowy shirts still fit though.  I tried on some maternity tops and they just looked ridiculous.  Soon enough though.  I’ve been taking weekly “belly shots” since week 12 and really can’t see much difference. I think I feel bigger than I am at this point.

My mom bought the baby his/her first outfits.  She got a few gender-neutral sleepers and plain onesies.  Zach said seeing them made it more real that the ultrasound.  For me, it was crazy hanging them in the closet!  Speaking of closet, I need to start clearing out baby’s room.  Right now it’s the guest room slash “hmm, where do I put this” room.  We are condensing the office down and making it a combo office/guest room. It will be quite the challenge. I’m leaving it up to Zach.

So there you have it!  On to the next trimester....

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