Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pregnancy - Week 31

We kicked week 31 off with a tour of the hospital I'll be delivering at.  I wasn't sure I wanted to do a hospital tour seeing as how I assume that once you are there, you pretty much just do whatever and go wherever they tell you to, but I figured it's free, so what the heck! The rooms seemed nice, as far as hospitals go. The labor rooms are gigantic and that makes me wonder just how many people are going to be in there when the time comes. I'd rather not think about it actually.  Then the room where you stay after you give birth is teeny tiny, but that's alright. I wasn't expecting the Four Seasons or anything.  The floor was actually very quiet when we were there and they told us that nobody was in labor so that's why.  I liked the quiet and the staff all seemed very nice.

After the little tour the nurse took us in her office to "finish filling out paperwork". This, I was not expecting. I'd already sent in my pre-registration so I wasn't quite sure what else there was to do. She started firing off all sorts of questions about what kind of birth I wanted and if I wanted to go natural or what kind of medication I wanted. Talk about blind-sided! I haven't even discussed any of that with the doctor yet! She said this was just a guide and we can change things once we get there, but they just liked to have an idea.  THEN we filled out the start of the baby's birth certificate! Whoa baby, that's when it really hit me. BABY.  BIRTH. CERTIFICATE. Holy cow. This is happening....  So yeah, hospital tour was a bit more eventful than I'd imagined it would be.

I also had my last "monthly" appointment this week *sigh*.  It did not go as hoped.  I gained a crap-ton of weight. Like, a lot. Like I barely held it together during the appointment and then bawled my eyes out in the car - lot. The doctor assured me that I was doing ok and that I just need to watch my sodium and try to be as active as I can. She also says everyone has "that month". I just felt like such a failure.  I always pictured myself as this super fit and active pregnant lady, running right up until the end.  However, my body had different ideas and it's been rough.  My siatic nerve has been KILLING me, my feet swell and hurt, my hands ache, my back is sore. It's just really hard to even think about working out.  However, since that appointment I've been "active" every day and guess what? I feel much better.  Figures.  I also feel a lot more like "myself" so that's really good too. So, there's that.  Hopefully I do not repeat a huge gain like that EVER again.   I start bi-weekly appointments now and then start weekly ones in October!)

 Over the weekend I didn't really do a bunch of baby stuff. I did put together the baby rocker seat and that was about it.  Zach and I went to a wedding on Saturday and then watched a bunch of football the rest of the weekend! Fall is definitely coming fast and I think I'll be spending a lot of time feathering our nest and getting everything ready to go the next few weeks.  It's getting SO close!

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Amy said...

Oh Stephanie! I am sooo excited for you! I remember my nerve KILLING me the last few months, it hurt to even sit still through a movie, let alone sleeping! Also, I remember it being hard to do any exercise too. I would bundle up and take the dog for a walk at night (which was so funny because my sweatshirts and coat did not fit over my bump). I wouldn't even be able to walk 1/2 a mile before I got Braxton Hicks contractions. Have you had those yet? Then when I got home, I had to get on all fours and rock so calm them down. Tyler thought I was a little nutty. :) Everything you are going through is totally normal (even the hormonal cry-outs and feelings like you killed your baby by not laying on the "correct" side). You'll look back on this time and laugh someday... ((BIG HUGS))

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