Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pregnancy - Week 30

Holy cow, I'm three-quarters of the way there. When I think about back to when I was first pregnant it seems like forever and year ago, but when I think about how fast time is going, it seems to be flying.  Then when I think about still having 9 more weeks of this, I can't even fathom it.  Funny how that goes.

 These pictures get more frightening every week...

I actually made a list of things that happened during the 30th week that I felt like I should mention, so here goes:

Cravings - I can't say I really had any big "cravings" up until this point, mostly things either sounded good, or they didn't. Well this week I started actually getting foods in my head and not being able to get rid of them.  First was Caesar salad.  There was one day where if I didn't get a Caesar salad for lunch I was going to lose my mind. It was all I could think about. Thankfully I was able to put one together in the Crown Room (whew!).  Then it was double dipped malted milk balls. I actually hobbled down to the cafe one afternoon (sore feet and aches be damned!) to get some.  However, the most random has been canned green beans. I was driving home from work one day and I just wanted them SO BAD!  I never did have them and quite honestly they still sound pretty dang good. Maybe I'll have some with dinner tomorrow...  Strange thing is once I have whatever I want, I'm done with it.  So, still no constant cravings, but the random ones are quite amusing!

Naps - Sleeping at night is just not going well. I wake up every hour on the hour to roll over because my hips hurt and that is QUITE the feat, let me tell you. It is difficult, uncomfortable and honestly, sort of painful.  A couple times I haven't even been able to do it because I'm so sore and out of it.  Who know rolling over would be something I liken to an Olympic sport. Then I read articles like this (since proven not a reliable study, but STILL) and immediately feel INSANELY GUILTY about not sleeping only on my left side and wake up freaking out that I've killed the baby. It's really fun, let me tell you. Ugh.  Anyway, so I nap whenever I can.  I usually take about a half hour snooze after dinner and then the weekends I sneak in at least an hour or two per day. Heavenly!

Hormonal Breakdowns - Sometimes I will wake up and just KNOW that it's going to be a crying sort of day. Just the littlest thing will set me off.  One day at work I called Zach in complete hysterics because I was so frustrated that my feet hurt and I got worn out when I went to walk to get water. I had to go in a conference room until I could calm myself down. How ridiculous!!  One other time a former co-worker saw me in the parking garage and totally innocently said "oh my gosh, I almost didn't recognize you!" which of course translated directly in my mind to "you have turned into such a fat cow, I couldn't even tell it was you!!" I was upset the whole rest of the day.  Of course after a night of sleep, I wake up and think "what on earth was I so upset about yesterday??" and laugh at myself. Most of the time I'm perfectly fine, but I definitely have my moments...

Other adventures this week included a trip to the Santa-Cali-Gon Days festival. Wow.  That was the best people watching I've experienced in a looooong time.  Lots of parenting "don'ts" were mentally noted, for sure.  We also went to another soccer match, my third of the season!  Luckily this time the weather was absolute perfection and David Beckham was there! We had awesome seats and our camera! Zach thought it was cool cause he's like the 'best soccer player evah' and used to play for his favorite team, Manchester United. I just thought it was cool to see a real live celebrity (Posh was not in attendance, bummer.)! 

I also put together the bookcase for the nursery, hooked up the mobile, finished the alphabet letters (!!!) and organized some of his clothes. It's really coming together and I promise, pictures will soon follow!  Until then....

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