Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pregnancy - Week 33

33 weeks down!

Week 33 was fairly un-eventful as far as pregnancy goes.  Not a whole lot happened.  I had a doctor appointment on Wednesday.  I continue to measure exactly on track and my stats and the baby's stats are all totally normal.  I had my first "internal check" just to make sure things were OK after my weekend of not feeling so hot.  Turns out progress is already being made, but nothing that is out of the ordinary or worrisome, so that's good. While I'm pretty much over this whole pregnancy thing, I definitely want the little guy to stay in there as long as he can.  Also, I gained a perfectly acceptable amount of weight this time so thank goodness for that!  I've actually started noticing that I'm not really that hungry anymore.  Sure, once I do get hungry I AM HUNGRY, but lately I feel like I can't even eat very much. There's just not a whole lot of room in there anymore.  So, I just kind of snack all day.  The "oh wow, when are you due?!" comments have started so I know I'm definitely looking pregnant these days!!  

The sleepless nights are becoming more frequent and troublesome though (do note the dark under-eye circles. so chic!).  Now I wake up with absolutely awful acid reflux. Luckily some Tums (ugh, Tums, I'm so sick of you...) and usually a stroll around the house to settle things back down helps. However, staying asleep for long is nearly impossible.  I'm up every hour at least. And to add to the fun, when I actually do fall asleep I keep having a reoccurring dream about not being able to sleep, like my alarm won't work, it's too loud, or whatever else. Lovely.

The upsides of this week?  I finished the Alphabet Wall!  It looks so good! I am in love!  This weeks picture is a little sneak peek for you, but I'm still waiting to show off the whole thing once I'm totally done with the room. I'm  just waiting for a few other things to arrive and I should be good! I also had my last baby shower on Sunday (blog post to come) and the room is completely over-run with goodies that need to be unpacked and organized.  We are so lucky, we got nearly EVERYTHING we need at our showers. The list of what we still have to get is so tiny compared to what I thought it would be.  We are truly, truly lucky to have such generous family and friends.

Best comment of the week:  I was at the nail salon getting a MUCH needed pedicure and the nail guy asked me when my baby was due. I told him "November" and he looked at me and said "Of this year?"  I actually had no words.  I mean really?  I sure as heck hope it's this year!!!

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