Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Baby Two ~ 23 Weeks

How Far Along:  23 Weeks - Baby is the size of a grapefruit
Boy or Girl: When people ask me what I'm having I have started saying "we don't know, but probably a boy" ha!
Maternity Clothes: Maternity pants are from the heavens.
Sleep: Meh. I wake up a lot to roll over. I'm a stomach sleeper, so it's really hard for me to get comfortable. I currently use 4 pillows!
Best Moment: I took David to the lake this weekend and he had a really great time! After the St. Louis trip heartache, I wasn't sure how it would go. Luckily he's a little fish and loves being down there. We are going back in a few weeks! It was also off an on sunny so I managed to get a pretty good tan too!
Worst Moment: I have been getting a few "OMG you are getting so big" comments lately and it's really bothering me. Last Friday I got my lunch in the cafeteria and as I was checking out the lady goes "I bet you want all those cookies over there, don't you" and motioned toward the dessert island (which I had passed up). I was able to shrug that one off but then not even 30 minutes later I went to go buy something at our store I also picked up a pack of M&M's to share with David on the way to the lake. The lady goes "do you want these in the sack or are you going to tear into them right now?" That one left me in tears. As if I'm not struggling with my body image enough, that sent me over the edge. I know neither of them meant anything whatsoever by it, but still, I wish people would think before they speak. I feel like I can't eat in front of people anymore without being judged.
Miss Anything: Working out, feeling like myself.
Movement: Off and on. Most of it is still pretty light but sometimes I get some really big thumps to my bladder which always shocks me a bit! I think the hiccups have also started up too.
Cravings: Popcorn, which is strange because I only eat popcorn maybe once every couple years, it's just not typically my thing. And lemonade always sounds good.
Aversions: ground beef, greasy food and apparently raw tomatoes. I still like tomatoes and want to eat them but man alive the heartburn is literally instant and then I start feeling really nauseous. Sad!
Oh, I remember this: Back aches! 
Well this is new: Things seem pretty standard this week.... 
Looking forward to: This weekend should be good! Friday we are taking David to Downtown Days in Lee's Summit. I love it! I am so excited about fair food and David is going to have a blast on all the rides. Saturday is my birthday and I'm getting my hair done and going to the Royals game with Zach. Ballpark food! Woo!

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