Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Baby Two ~ 25 Weeks

How Far Along:  25 weeks – baby is the size of a cauliflower  
Boy or Girl: Have been having more girl thoughts this week, but in the end, I still think I will have a boy.
Maternity Clothes: My favorite things right now are my comfy cotton shorts and basic maternity tank tops. I would do many things to be able to wear them to work…  
Sleep: I took half a Tylenol PM the other night and slept like I was dead. It was glorious! Then the next night I was up all night long with leg pain. So, it’s hit or miss still. I definitely wake up at least 3-4 times a night to use the bathroom though. Poor Missy, she must be so annoyed with me. She gets up every time I do. Loyal, that one. (Zach sleeps through everything…)
Best Moment: Had a good appointment today. Everything is chugging along, right on track (I still can’t believe I measured right on track, I feel so huge!). Fingers crossed I passed the glucose test! I celebrated taking it and getting my TDAP vaccine with a giant Chipotle burrito. It was delish!  We also had a good weekend with GREAT weather and lots of outside time.
Worst Moment: The night with no sleep was pretty brutal. So was the following day.
Miss Anything: As usual, energy. I miss energy so much.
Movement: Lots of visible movement from the outside! I was waiting for my glucose blood draw and the kid was going wild! My belly was wiggling all over the place!
Cravings: Ice cream. Cheese. Cold drinks. I would seriously LOVE a sangria right now…
Aversions: Same ol, same ol…. Ground Beef. Fast food. I also haven’t been into fruit much lately, which is strange.
Oh, I remember this: I hate being outside in the heat when I’m pregnant. It is an instant sweat-fest of misery. Unfortunately David insists on going outside, all the time. I think it’s good for kids to be outside as much as possible so I suffer through, but I am not necessarily pleasant about it. I’m about to take our big floor fan out there with me. Not even kidding.
Well this is new: With David I was On. Top. Of. It. I knew every date coming up, I had lists, I had all my paperwork ready to go. I was prepared! This time things keep sneaking up on me!! I just realized that my FMLA paperwork is due in a week and I hadn’t even thought about it, let alone told HR that I was pregnant. Oops. I frequently have to look at my baby app to remember what week I’m on and I haven’t even really thought of the logistics of our hospital stay. Eh. I’ll figure it all out at some point I guess. My laid-backness is kind of alarming me.
Looking forward to: David has swim lessons this week. He pretty much hated it last night but being in the water with him felt SO good. Hoping he warms up to it soon… I need to find someone with a pool, stat! 

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