Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Baby Two ~ Week 26

How Far Along:  26 Weeks - Baby is the size of a head of lettuce.
Boy or Girl: Going with boy this week. Although I'm kind of afraid the nursery I'm planning out is a little too girlie...
Maternity Clothes: Broke in my new maternity swimsuit with all of David's swim lessons. First time wearing a tankini! I liked it.
Sleep: Lots and lots of tossing and turning. My hips get sore every couple hours so I have to flip over. You'd think it would be a lot easier than it really is. Ha!
Best Moment: We had a nice trip to Sioux Falls last weekend. On Saturday Zach's mom took all the girls out for lunch and pedicures. The pedicure was great, it was in a recliner! Lunch at Spezia was yummy too! Plus, David had a great time playing with his cousins and was really good for the long car rides. Oh, and I passed my glucose test!
Worst Moment: It's been a frustrating couple of days. Nothing terrible has happened and nothing pregnancy-wise has gone wrong, but just a series of little things has pretty much sent me over the edge for the week. I had a total breakdown after putting David to bed tonight and feel a little better after getting it all out.  My bad leg has also been hurting really, really bad. It is the most frustrating thing of all.
Miss Anything: Aleve
Movement: Big, huge movements!! I cannot figure out what that baby is doing in there but it is crazy! No kicks to the ribs yet but sometimes it takes my breath away. Although you will never hear me complain about movement. Ever.
Cravings: Currently having quite the love affair with ice cream. 
Aversions: Beginning to wonder if I'll ever be able to eat a cheeseburger again.
Oh, I remember this: Nesting is kicking in. Like last time, it seems to be starting at work. We are getting in all our Holiday '14 samples right now and I cannot get them out of my office and organized in a conference room fast enough. I feel like I am constantly organizing my desk. Unfortunately I'm so beat by the time I get home the poor, sad nursery is still very poor and sad, but I am gradually stocking up on things. I bought a pack of newborn diapers today and am practically giddy about it!
Well this is new: I feel like I'm much more emotional this time than I was last time. Maybe I just don't remember? That's possible too...
Looking forward to: the 3rd Trimester! Here we come!

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