Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Baby Two ~ 29 Weeks

How Far Along:  29 Weeks - Baby is as big as an acorn squash, whatever that is. I feel enormous. 
Boy or Girl: I think I'm the only person who says boy, everyone else says girl.
Maternity Clothes: broke down a bought a couple new tank tops for around the house and a pair of light weight pants that will hopefully get my through the rest of summer. I need something to hide the cankles that I just know are coming.
Sleep: Toss and turn, toss and turn. I'm up every hour on the hour, at least.
Best Moment: I had a pretty relaxing weekend. Zach's mom was in town and did a lot of entertaining David. Saturday night they all went to the hotel to swim in the pool and I got an entire evening to myself. I got a Sonic Blast and watched a lot of HGTV. I do not remember the last time I had the house to myself for an evening! It was nice.  
Worst Moment: Had a few this week unfortunately.  
      Last Thursday I started to not feel so well at work. I freaked myself out enough to go to the doctor to get checked out. Everything came back normal so I figured I was just being a baby and went about my business. Then I got a call Monday that the culture they sent out was positive for infection so apparently I wasn't just being whiney and there was a reason I felt miserable off and on all weekend. I think the antibiotics are finally kicking in though, thank goodness.
      Yesterday I found out that I don't get to keep my position at work when I get back from maternity leave. Just like when I was out with David I get to spend my maternity leave wondering what I will be doing when I get back. I'm not very happy about it, but oh well... "business reasons" and all... 
      Today I found out Zach will be out of town for 10 whole days a mere 3 weeks after I'm due. I can't even think about that one yet.... 
Miss Anything: Not being sore 24/7. I would also really like a margarita. 
Movement: A lot! Baby is head down and the doctor says that his/her head feels "kind of big" for this stage of the game. Oh, yay!
Cravings: Dessert. But  nothing really tastes good when I eat it. Lost a few pounds this week actually.
Aversions: Like I said, nothing really sounds good. Been eating more plain foods.
Oh, I remember this: My hands are getting super numb again. I drop EVERYTHING.
Well this is new: Last time by now my feet were swelling pretty badly. This time they are not puffing up too bad at all but my hands... OMG, my hands are crazy swollen, it's embarrassing. I can hardly fit in my "fake" ring that is like 2 sizes bigger than my wedding band. These man hands are not cool.
Looking forward to: Can I say late September?

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