Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Baby Two ~ 30 Weeks

How Far Along:  30 weeks - baby is the size of a cucumber but that makes no sense. He or she is probably around 3 pounds! 
Boy or Girl:  Back on the positive it's a boy train.
Maternity Clothes: Full panel pants are the only way to go right now unless it's my lounge shorts. All the under-belly stuff hurts because this baby is so low (and ALL out in front. David was more across) 
Sleep: It has been pretty bad this week until last night when I slept like a real, normal person! I only remember getting up one time! It was fantastic!
Best Moment: We had amazing weather last week and over the weekend resulting in lots of outside time. I even got myself a pretty nice tan! Too bad it's hotter than you know what now!
Worst Moment: My leg. It hurts so bad. I've had to take a tylenol every night for the past several nights. It's the only way I get any sleep. I feel guilty even though it's just one little regular strength tab.
Miss Anything: Being able to quickly stand up. It's such a ridiculous process right now. 
Movement: Still lots of movement. Doctor confirmed baby was head down at the last appointment and that the part that keeps sticking way out is a rump. This baby is so low though. Instead of kicks to the ribs, I get kicks (punches?) to my hip! It's such a strange feeling.
Cravings: Milk! I remember it was about this time with David that I started wanting milk all the time. It just tastes so good right now! My Diet Coke cravings are back too, but I only let myself have a couple a week, even though I daydream of one daily. I was secretly hoping the aversion would stick around but, oh well. Diet Coke for life!
Aversions: Still fast food. Still ground beef. I also haven't really been wanting candy much lately. A bag of gummy savers lasted over a month at work. That would have been gone in a day back in the first trimester!
Oh, I remember this:Damn you, stretch marks!
Well this is new: My eyesight is so  blurry right now! I remember it happened a little with David, but at work I wear my glasses all day and still find myself straining to see. Zach was playing a game on the Xbox one night and I literally could not read a single thing on the screen. He thought I was joking.  Yikes!
Looking forward to:Don't really have any big plans this weekend, so I'm looking forward to doing some cleaning and organizing. I think the nesting bug is about to bite! I'm also having the neighbor girls over for a Bachelorette finale watch party on Monday so that should be fun. One has a new baby and another is due a month after me. So, lots of baby talk to come!

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