Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Baby Two ~ 27 Weeks

How Far Along:  27 Weeks - Baby is the size of a rutabaga but I have no idea what that is.  
Boy or Girl: David is apparently telling daycare that he's going to have a sister. So, I guess that's his vote.
Maternity Clothes: My under-belly shorts are getting really uncomfortable.... already. Gonna be a long summer.
Sleep: Not my favorite thing right now. I end up sleeping sitting up for at least a couple hours every night because my hips hurt so bad and I'm really having quite a time with reflux. I guess I should just be thankful that I'm able to sleep sitting up because last time it was a total no-go.
Best Moment: Zach and I took the day off together today. We took David to daycare, lounged around for a while then went out to The Legends for some shopping and lunch, came home and took a nap then picked David up early to go get ice cream. It was a pretty nice day and probably my last vacation day before baby comes.
Worst Moment: I was horribly sore and uncomfortable on Tuesday. To the point where it really hurt to walk. Plus my nausea is starting to come back in the mornings. Boo!
Miss Anything: Being able to carry David. He's being extra clingy now and having a bit of an emotional week. All he wants me to do is hold him but it's so hard to lug him around right now but he just doesn't understand and it breaks my heart.
Movement: Lots of pokes and pushes right next to my belly button. I'm guessing it's a knee because I can see the outline as it moves across my belly. It is so crazy to see and really obvious. I'm always thinking people are staring in meetings because my whole stomach shakes! haha!
Cravings: No real must-haves this week. Had a few strawberry lemonades though.
Aversions: We went to Granite City for lunch today and it pained me not to order the Bedda Chedda Bacon Burger. I almost tried it, but I knew I just couldn't do the hamburger... Sigh.
Oh, I remember this: I go from feeling totally stuffed to crazy hungry in the matter of seconds it seems.
Well this is new: This baby is sitting a lot lower than David did and it feels a lot heavier! 
Looking forward to: The long weekend! I'm taking David to the lake for the day and Zach's staying home to paint the nursery. I am so excited to see it! We ordered a dresser today so by next week I will be able to start really putting things together and I can't wait!

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