Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Baby Two ~ 28 Weeks

How Far Along:  28 Weeks - Baby is the size of an eggplant!  
Boy or Girl: Oh, I don't know!
Maternity Clothes: Loving me some lounge shorts and tank tops. My shoes are starting to get tight :(
Sleep: Really can't complain this week! Shhh, don't jinx it.
Best Moment: Been a pretty good week actually. David and I had a good time at the lake for the 4th. Zach got the nursery painted (and I love the color!!). I scored a great deal on a couple baby things on sale at Target. Then tonight I had my first prenatal massage and it was pretty relaxing!
Worst Moment: Ted got a case of the crazies while Zach was painting and knocked over a (large) cup of paint and ruined the carpet. Not looking forward to the stress (and added expense) of finding an area rug. It would figure that it was the one room in the whole house that still had completely stain-free carpet... no longer. 
Miss Anything:Would love to be able to lie on my back or even just recline more than 90 degrees, just for a minute!
Movement: Got my first kicks to the ribs today. Lots of jabs and pokes right in the same area have left me with a bit of a sore spot, so that's interesting. Baby  moves All. Day. Long. and all night too. I'm wondering if he ever sleeps....? 
Cravings: Meh. Nothing really.
Aversions: Lots of things again. Nausea is starting to come back in the morning and lasts until after lunch. Nothing really sounds good. I did try to eat McDonalds and ground beef this week. Both were no-goes.
Oh, I remember this: I have a hard time focusing. On anything. I just feel really distracted all the time. I remember feeling this way with David too. I would love to just snap out of it. 
Well this is new: My hair and nails are not growing near as fast as they did with David. My skin is also a hot mess and I'm dealing with breakouts like I haven't had since high school. All the classic old wives tales for girls, so we'll see I guess..... 
Looking forward to: Getting all the furniture back in the baby's room and starting to go through all the tubs of clothes. In my mind I have a "ton" of gender neutral sleepers and onesies... we'll see if that's really true soon enough....

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