Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pregnancy - Week 29

Hi.  I can't believe I'm posting this picture. It is quite possibly the worst picture yet.  But, I had been out shopping and was hot and tired and wearing what might be the most unflattering shirt known to man, but you know what? It's comfortable so I love it!

I always tell myself I need to start keeping nightly notes on what happened that day because every time I sit down to write one of these I go completely blank.  I will start that tonight.  (maybe). 

I'm starting to feel really worn out. I've been trying to get in a walk after lunch because by the time I get home from work I want to do nothing but sit in my glider and close my eyes.  Luckily that got a bit easier this week because Zach started a new work schedule. He's now home on Tuesday and Wednesday night, as well as Saturday and getting home earlier on Friday!  So we get to spend a lot more time together. I know it doesn't sound like much but when I've only been seeing him on the weekends for the last couple years, it is so awesome. And perfect timing!  He's really helping me out with the house stuff and making sure I "relax" when I'm supposed to be.

The weekend was pretty busy too.  Friday I went to my very first "Just Between Friends" (JBF) consignment sale (shh, don't tell my mother....) :)  It was pretty insane. There was SO. MUCH. STUFF.  It filled the entire John Knox Pavilion for those of you in the area.  Anyway, there were a few things that I was there looking for and while I didn't find those few things, I did find some other stuff that I snapped up.  Some things were even brand new with the tags still on!!  Then there were other items that I did NOT even touch, like used diaper pails. Who in their right mind buys (or tries to sell) a used diaper pail? Seriously. People. That's gross.  But, all in all it was a success and I'll probably go back in the spring!

I do think I overdid it though.  By Friday evening I think I was having my first round of Braxton Hicks contractions. I was SOOO uncomfortable and my stomach would just get hard as a rock!  I grabbed a really tall glass of ice water, sat in my glider and watched the entire Chiefs preseason game. I felt much better after that! Thank goodness! I was getting nervous! Now if only we could win...

Saturday was childbirth class!  We signed up for the all day class to just get it done in one shot.  I'm glad we went. While I didn't particularly learn anything that I didn't already know, it felt good to be hearing the same thing at the same time Zach was.  I'm still not sure I have a definite "birth plan" lined up but I have a good idea of how I'd like things to go.  With that said, I'm not marrying myself to anything.  Stuff happens during labor and as long as the end result is us going home with a healthy baby, I'll do whatever I have to.

Sunday I went out shopping.  I've gone and putzed around many times but I haven't had a full on shopping outing in a while!  I have started stocking up on my post-birth supplies and some baby stuff. I even bought our first bottle of baby laundry soap!  I plan on starting to wash clothes and everything else here pretty soon! I want to be READY about a month before he's due.  I also got the baby some things. I haven't bought him much on my own until then so it was nice to feel like I have now. 

Otherwise, that's week 29! I'm starting to feel that urge to GET IT ALL DONE NOW including all our house projects we still have not started, so I've been feeling a bit stressed, but I know it will all be ok.  There's still 10 weeks to go! 

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Amy said...

Total nesting is taking over!! So happy for you!! Not long now.... Good plan to get it all done a month before. You never know. Our son was a month early and we didn't even have a car seat!

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