Sunday, October 2, 2011

Anello Baby Shower

Last weekend was my final baby shower. We've been so lucky to have so many people want to shower us with love that I ended up with 4 showers!  Which, for someone who tends to shy away from the spotlight can be a bit much, but I still had a great time.

This last one was thrown by my Aunt Janell and cousin Claire.  My Anello side of the family is quite large (hello, Italian Catholics!), but also tends to be mostly boys, so luckily when all the ladies get together it isn't too overwhelming. We had a really great time and once again, the baby was spoiled absolutely rotten.  Zach and I have hardly anything left that we need to buy before the big day!  So lucky!

Here are some pictures from the fun day!



And of course, once I got home Ted needed to inspect everything. He was only a little disappointed that there wasn't anything for him. 

Now Missy on the other hand? I caught her a few minutes later with a stuffed rattle under the kitchen table.  We might have some training to do...

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