Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pregnancy - Week 35

Another week down!

I'm really tired and am having a hard time coming up with much of anything to say about this week that isn't mopey or whiney, but I'll try...  My appointment this week went well. As it turns out I was definitely pretty swollen last week when I went in because ended up LOSING quite a bit of weight. Even my doctor said it was "dramatic" but overall she wasn't worried about it since everything else looked alright.  I'm just convinced that most of this awful weight I'm hauling around is water and am even more hopeful that it will quickly go away after birth... As you can see the baby is growing *quite* well...

I plan on working up until my due date, but oh man, it is hard!  I'm glad I have something to do during the day so I don't go crazy thinking about the baby, but I am SO uncomfortable all day long.  It's really taking a lot out of me, but I still think I can hang in there till the end. Not so sure about my wardrobe though. I keep trying to figure out a creative way to wear yoga pants to work, but haven't come up with anything yet.  Ideas?... *sigh*

I think I had my first bout of contractions Sunday night.  I hadn't been feeling super well all day and then at 11:30 pm, I shot out of bed with awful cramps and a super tight stomach.  I did a few laps around the living room, drank some water and completely freaked out Zach before laying back down.  I guess they stopped because I ended up falling asleep, but I was up and down all night.  It obviously didn't turn out to be anything since I am still very pregnant and haven't had anything close to that since, but it was eye opening! I packed my hospital bag the next day! :)

In preparation news, I hung some more things in the nursery and I promise it's almost done.  I hope to have pictures by next week!  Getting the mail has become super fun too!  It seems as though every day there some sort of new baby goodie in there.  Our house has been completely overtaken by baby things too. Right now we have a stroller in the dining room, pack-n-play and swing in the living room, a whole cabinet full of baby food gear, a laundry room full of baby bedding and we'll be setting the cradle up in our bedroom shortly!  There's no denying that the baby is coming soon!

We continue to "train" the dogs.  This week we got the gate I plan on using to section off the house when we are doing tummy time, have visitors or just want a dog-free area set up.  I've been trying it out every so often.  They aren't happy about it, but so far we haven't had any major melt downs, which makes me super happy.  They just seem to know something is going on and have been really good about the sudden influx of baby things, so I'm hopeful that the transition to having a real-live baby will be good as well.

So, now there's less than a month left to go... I still can't believe it.

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Amy said...

I love this picture! You are glowing!! I don't want to scare you but my son came at 35.5 weeks. Good thing you packed your bag. :) ((HUGS))

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