Monday, October 24, 2011

Pregnancy - Week 37

Today marks the end of week 37 and I am officially wanting this baby out!

Week 37 started off with a weekly doctors appointment.  I had my first official cervical check and am already 2 cm dilated. The doctor said this was "good news" especially since I hadn't been having any noticeable contractions. She said "progress without pain is always good!" I had mixed feelings at that point.  We are in the process of getting a new roof put on the house and this baby cannot come until after that is done! (currently scheduled for tomorrow...fingers crossed for no rain!). Now that a whole week has passed, I'm taking all the progress I can get! Although I fully realize I can walk around all kinds of dilated for weeks on end.  Yay.

I thought I was standing in front of our tree...not a dead patch of grass and the neighbors AC unit... sigh. Also, this shirt is clearly not flattering, but dammit it's comfy!

We are busy at home getting all the final little things set up, like the swing, the cradle, the monitor, and the pack n play.  I've washed all the bottles and binkies, my hospital bag is in the car and I carry my makeup and phone charger in my purse with me wherever I go. I keep telling Zach we are like the boy scouts right now... always prepared!

Baby-wise, he's definitely dropped. Or he's just so huge that it feels like it.  I've got the "beach ball between my legs" feeling and lots and lots of pelvic pressure, so much that it sometimes wakes me up at night.  He's still moving and grooving in there.  Sometimes I'm looking down and my stomach will literally jump two inches to the side and back. It is the coolest/craziest thing!! 

We had another busy but restful weekend. I've been getting in the habit of waking up early with the dogs, feeding them, eating breakfast myself and then going back to bed until close to noon!! I feel bad for wasting my whole morning, but I'm taking all the sleep I can get, whenever I can get it because nighttime sleep is very hit or miss.  Saturday I went to my friend, Erica's bachlorette party. Lucky for me she just wanted to have a girls night at her apartment. We played games, chatted and I watched everyone drink. It was actually a really great time though.  It was nice to get out one last time with the girls before the baby gets here!!  Then Sunday Zach's work threw him a surprise shower! His boss called me on Friday and asked if I wanted to come and of course I said yes.  He was really surprised to see me and I think it' so cool that his co-workers went all out for him! They even had games and cupcakes! That's not too common for the guys these days!!

So, now we are just waiting. I've been having light contractions on and off the past few days. Sometimes I try to time them, but I still can't tell when one ends and another begins. That just tells me that it's definitely not the real thing yet.  Hopefully soon though!! Stay tuned!

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